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Brothers: Deathmatch v2.0 | Release notes | New game modes | Weapons | Locals.

Posted by on weird mod is back!

This version includes a lot of fixes, improves gameplay and graphics.

The scene is still the same suburb, but in different variations.
Implemented 5 types of modes:

  • Classic Deathmatch [day, evening, night].
    There is a possibility of obtaining additional points and abilities. After the last round, the number of points, deaths, and side quests completed are displayed. The game time is unlimited, the players themselves decide when to play the last round.
  • Chicken Hunt
    Players have to hunt chickens with a sniperrifle. Whoever kills more chickens wins. Round time is 2 minutes.
  • Goal Attack
    Those who have played Tony Hawk know what it is. Players are given 5 general tasks. The game ends after all objectives are completed. The player with the highest percentage wins.


  • Arms
    Deals little damage, can break windows or small objects.
  • Pistols:
  • SMGs:
  • Assault:
    Impulsive Gun
    Sniper Rifle
  • Grenades
  • Slams


  • Backpack
    Regenerates player’s HP.

  • Satchel –°hip
    Allows you to deactivate the laser of the installed slam.

  • Key
    It probably opens a door.


  • Melissio
    Runs around the street.Rumor has it he's doping

  • Nikodimovich
    An old man who lives next door to brothers. He loves to watch birds and pet the cat.

  • Hitman
    The most useless being. Only thumps and shits.

Additional features

  • Farting
    We all get nervous sometimes.
  • Map
    Can help in difficult times.

  • Graffiti
  • Achievements
    7 achievements that are saved with the game.


  • The maximum players for a session is 2. You can start the game when there are 2 people on the server.
  • The game ONLY supports 1920×1080 resolution. In other resolutions, the game may not display the interface correctly.
  • There is a discord attached to the game. Displays map and session time.


  • Install in a separate folder. But it is better to turn off the antivirus, because it almost always eats .exe.
  • Run the game through Brothers.exe. And don't forget to log in to Steam.

Have fun!

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