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The next version of Brothers Realism Mod is almost ready with just the documentation to complete. Read the full article to read what is included in version 2.0.7!

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New Features

- New NCO helmet for US team
- Russian and US soldiers without helmets now have them (with no extra assets!)
- improved the 'one primary weapon' code to keep the weapon you'd picked up
- improved the squad loadout menus. They now refresh themselves back to your current selection
- Bayonet attachment added to Type 99 lmg
- Dropping of frag grenades on death (gametype dvarable)
- Score saved on the map and restored if player reconnects after being disconnected
- Rewritten logging functions to produce cleaner weapon stats for XLRstats
- Added B3 Poweradmin features
- Improved binoculars - now visible when not aiming
- Clan mode options added to admin menu
- Admin free spectate (usable through admin menu or via B3)
- Dvar to disable mortars on per map basis
- Destructable mortars
- Improved bipod code
- Mortar improvements. Officers must be near the mortar crewman and will specify a target.
- Addition of Greasegun to Classic mode
- Improved player waypoints
- Ability to view players in classes
- Ability to drop bomb once picked up in S&D
- Options to change map and gametype in admin menu
- Bullet suppression effects
- Created BRM plugin for B3

Bugs Squished:

- 64 player support for S&D (out of HudElems)
- FX count reduced (exceeded 400fx assets error)
- Fixed script error with match mode when squad mode was enabled
- Bombing planes adjusted and now match entry angle correctly.
- 2048 materials fix (mod.arena) included in iwd
- Removed errors due to _teams.gsc left in map iwd.
- Fixed bipod bug where it was possible to deploy 2 mg's
- Addressed problems with the admin menus on non-widescreen monitors
- Improved bayonet attachment and firemode code - works more smoothly now

Scheduled release date is sometime on Saturday 05/12/2009



Nice feature list Robbo!!

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Improved bipod code

Does this mean that the bipod can be deployable on the ground and any static position (walls, windows, sandbags, etc.)

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Bro-Robbo Author

The improved bipod code stops players planting the bipod while prone and glitching through walls or the floor.

Currently I am still using the in game functionality for deploying bipods on window sills and ledges.

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