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Hello. Welcome to the fantasy world of Project D.N. This article briefly introduces you to this Half-Life mod, based on previous work, NFHL.

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What is Project D.N.? It's short for Project DarkNight, a secret project involved with research and development of high technology, ESP and supernatural power. For Gretel, the heroine of this game, she's going to use her power to fight through the battlefield.

Heroine's power is showed in the gameplay. You can turn on your telekinesis shield to protect yourself. It can reduce or block damage, depending on the damage type. However, it's not free. Using it will reduce your Energy Point. Also, it's not perfect. Generally, you can't use your guns when you turn it on. But you can use your sword to attack the enemies near you.

Other features include:
New weapons and items.
New features of weapons, like recoil and magazine system.
Player's condition system.
Improved NPC enemies.
Glitch and bug fixing of the original Half-Life code.
Many big maps to play.

All these new features will be introduced in later articles.

A little about the storyline. It's original, nothing to do with the Half-Life universe. Some time in the future, the world goes into depression. An evil organization thinks it's a perfect time to takeover the world, and starts to launch riots. In the city Gretel lived, a group of militarized gangsters supported by the evil organization occupy parts of the city. The police and military fail to control the situation, because they're bribed and compromised. And, what evil organization also wants is to test its advanced weapon secretly. There are some good people get informed about its real purpose, and they want to strike back. Gretel is one of them. What's more, some of her friends were killed by the terrorists controlled by evil organization, and she was heavily injured and almost get killed. She thinks that this is a good chance to revenge. Her mission is to rescue the informer, take down the HQ of the gangsters and destroy the advanced weapon.

How about the game development progress? Now a playable demo exists. Many new features are included. But it's far away from completed. And I think it's not the time to release a demo version like that. It's been two years, and some results of development should be showed by pictures.

That's all by now.


I'm very excited about this! So far it sounds very interesting :) and really cool features you have.

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jump247 Author

Thanks! More is coming. :)

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