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Bridgeburner, the author of the fantastic looking Age of Hell megawad, has joined the team as a new mapper.

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We are extremely excited to announce that @Bridgeburner56 has officially joined the Elementalism team! His work on the upcoming Age of Hell megawad blew us away, and his unique mapping style is a perfect fit for the project. We're thrilled to have him on-board, and he's fit right into the team. Like a proper champ, he's even taken on one of the most challenging mapslots we have: the last main level of the intimidating Dark episode, D4.

Check out some of his work-in-progress shots below:


D4 work-in-progress, by Bridgeburner


D4 work-in-progress, by Bridgeburner


D4 work-in-progress, by Bridgeburner


D4 work-in-progress, by Bridgeburner

Elsewhere, we now have the first finished map of the Air episode: A1, Antediluvian's Wall, by me. This episode takes place across floating islands suspended over an infinite sky. But don't worry, falling off is merely a teleport back to solid ground!


A1: Antediluvian's Wall, by Bauul


A1: Antediluvian's Wall, by Bauul


A1: Antediluvian's Wall, by Bauul


A1: Antediluvian's Wall, by Bauul


A1: Antediluvian's Wall, by Bauul


A1: Antediluvian's Wall (detail), by Bauul (animated gif)

Dreadopp has nearly finished D1 too, and it features some wonderfully creepy encounters. Definitely a map to keep you on your toes!


D1 work-in-progress, by Dreadopp


D1 work-in-progress, by Dreadopp


D1 work-in-progress, by Dreadopp


D1 work-in-progress, by Dreadopp

Remmi's continuing to work through F3 (which is shaping up to be the biggest map we have so far), and Phade's working through F1. Dragonfly is heads-down getting Eviternity ready to coincide with the launch of OTEX, but will be back on Elementalism in the new year.

Finally, I'm making a tentative start on D3, my Dark episode entry. Creepy tech-bases incoming!


D3 proof-of-concept (unlikely to actually appear in a level), by Bauul

ReformedJoe - - 202 comments

This is some next level stuff.
Seriously: holy ****.

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dantosRlz - - 99 comments

holy crap my dood this megawad is looking good

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_origami_ - - 215 comments


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EXU_SKULLY - - 636 comments

definitively playing this when it's out

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