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The new trigger-block is used to activate other blocks and allows you to create new inventions like automatic cannons.

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The newest addition to the game is the trigger block (note that the game is still in development, the graphics are not final and will be improved in later versions):

So how does the trigger-block work? After the trigger is connected to other objects (like the conveyor-belt or the TNT-block), it activates them if any object enters the transparent field of it. To know which blocks are connected to a specific trigger, arrows show up if you select the block in the management-mode.

Like other energy-consuming blocks, the trigger can be activated or deactivated. Furthermore you can set a delay (the time between a block entering the field and the activation of connected blocks).

As shown in the video, this allows you to build new, more dynamic inventions which of course can be used to fight other players in the multiplayer-mode.

The next block will further expand the functionality of the trigger block by allowing you to create more complex circuits.

Stay tuned :)

jimutt - - 31 comments

Looks great! I'll definately be following this game :)

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