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This update includes an improved resource system which adds a lot new features to the game.

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It's been a long time since the last update and I have been working on a new resource system. In single- and multiplayer games, producers now spawn resource-blocks which need to be transported to a warehouse.
Besides that I added the conveyor-belt as a new type of block (to transport resources), added energy as a new type of resource and changed some other things (better camera movement,...).

Changes since the last update:

  • Improved camera controls
    • Camera can now be moved with keyboard (W,A,S,D)
    • Smoother movement
    • Holding [left-shift] reduces the speed
  • Added tooltips to show costs of different objects and to describe different tools and buttons.
  • Improved resource-system
    • New resource: energy
    • Producers are now special objects and can be place like any other block
    • Replaced "spectator"-mode with "manage"-mode
      • By clicking on object, menu with information and actions for the block shown up.
      • Removed fixed producer-menu at the bottom-left corner
    • Added new special object: warehouse
    • Added new special object: conveyor-belt
    • Producers now produce resource-block which need to be transported to a warehouse with conveyor-belts.
    • Added arrow when placing objects that shows the rotation (important for producers, conveyor-belts,...)
    • Warehouses have a global repository, need to be upgraded to increase capacity.
  • Bugfixes
Screenshot: Resource-system

Hope you like it, if you have feedback just write a comment below :)


This is the type of game I could get totally lost in, especially with any type of challenges. Having to work with a limited budget or resources in order to use the correct blocks to complete a challenge would be a ton of fun I think.

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