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Hello fellow cnc parasite ehh I mean paradise members. We have been gone for a while with breaking in and that is because I was pretty good sick so I had to stay in bed for a while, and now i'm better we are starting this breaking in thing again. Today we are taking some coffee and a freaking bloody jolly English thee and sit around the table with one of the Contra mod developers Taran.UA.

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MrTaxikiller wrote: Hi how are you and what do you ?

Hello, I'm fine. Busy at work, nothing special.

Great to hear you are doing fine, so tell us what kind of hobbies do you transfer into your own, personal day to day operation?

I like many RC related stuff, for example. Cars, Planes, heli and Quadrocopters.

So you are a Remote Controll freak haha!! Well I can understand that, I had a big collection of those things my self when I was younger. So how long have you been working in the bowels of modding ?

I started modding in the year 2003 until now.

Well thats pretty dam long my friend, almost 11 year! Do you have to work at maintaining your passion and drive?

Yes, and No - its complicated. We all have our ways to keep yourself in a creative way.

That's true, for me it is the lads and girls that watch my mod that keep me motivated to do what I do. What do you wish you could have done differently?

The game engine that we mod. Sage have many bugs and limitations.

True story there, Sage got it limits but with some bypassing code it give you the final out come what you want. What did you do on college, did you followed any Game design study before you made mods or did you self study ?

I study some programing on University, but all knowledges needed for modding is self study and from the internet.

Like I said before, self study is the best I beleave, you can learn things from school and tutorials but if you find shit out your self it give's you a more satisfied feeling. If you could give any advise to new modders what would it be?

Never give up, enhance you skills, listen to critique. Respect your and others' work, do not use someone else content without permission.

The "Never give up" part that's some good advice, I see some great mods die because some give up, and its one of the big rules in modding to ask for persmission first to use the content or you would get hated on the internet for your internal life. If you could only play two video game's your entire life which two should that be ? Remember just two.

Cant choose two, I'm choose three - Half Life, Dragon Age, The Elders Scrolls

I told you to choose two not three, but I'll forgive you this time. You look like a guy that speaks 1000 of language's. Which do you actuel speak ?

My native is Ukrainian, but I'm natively cnow Russian, my third language is English.

I'll tell you a secret, I want to learn Russian my self and it have 2 reasons, first is because I want to know what you Russians say here on moddb, and the second is because I just want to learn it. Please tell us what kind of game's do you play your self, RTS, FPS, MMO ?

I'm play any games - love RPG, RTS and Collective Card Games.

Taran, thanks for your time for again a new breaking in, we could not do this without your precious time and answers, we wish you good luck with Contra.

Interviewed: Taran.UA
Mod creator of: Contra

Do you have some questions your self that could be added to the breaking in interviews, or do you have suggestions we should interview. then mail them to with as subject the suggestions for your questions or the guys/girls we should interview.

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