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Breaking in is a weekly thing that CnC Paradise is going to do. In Breaking in we are going to interview random CnC modders and ask them who they are and what they do besides working on there mod. In the first edition we asked some questions to Gunship the mod maker of Command And Conquer : Generals Evolution.

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Breaking in Gunship MKII

Someone wrote:You there! Identify yourself, and tell us what you’re doing.

Hey There, Gunship Mark II here, you can call me Gunship or just Mark.

Someone wrote:Well Mark nice to meet you, describe to us a day in your life, like for example what you do and how it is.

Well, Work->Home->Work->Home->Work. Friday/Saturday/Sunday : Home->Friends->Home. It's fine, average time wasting life.

Someone wrote:Haha so just the basic routine I see. You've got some great mods under your belt. How come you decided to join this project's or start them by your self ?

I'll prefer to start and work alone with a help of community or my friends. I don't want to relay on someone and I don't what that someone would relay on me. I never work in a team. Though i can help other mods too. Just help, not to be a part of it.

Someone wrote:When your not working on the mods you are currently working on, how do you amuse your self do you watch funny cat video's on YouTube as well ?

When I am not working on mod I prefer to stay outside with friends, when I not work and prefer to stay at home I do watch youtube ( not a cat videos but a GMod/SFM/YouTube Poop/RYTP and other nonsence stuff with surreal humor ) or play games or browsing the internets.

Someone wrote:What made you decide to do what you are currently doing ?

Nothing, i just do what i want, Modding is a hobby, i like to spent my spare time on it.

Someone wrote:What did you do on college and did you followed any Game design study before you made mods or did you self study ?

Nope, my college/university does nothing to my modding experience. Self Study. Also internet tutorials and people who make tools for modding really helps.

Someone wrote:What about your own historical stats? How did you end up doing what you do now and what were you doing before this?

Oh man, i did so many small mods for different games that i've lost count. As far as i remember i did started my modding from C&C Generals and Half-Life 1. I ended up with Source engine and Red Alert 3 engine, because i like them both. They're both has tons of potential if you master them.

Someone wrote:If you have to choose between two game's to play for the rest of your life which two would it be ?

Real life, k.

Someone wrote:Do you got any tips for starters in the modding scene ?

Yeah, stop inviting me to your mods ;_; Go to google and start searching on what you need, that's how i did, you gonna make it too. If that won't help - try to ask on game moding forums in needed game section. If you can't find anything specific about C&C/GoldSRC/Source engine modding you can always contact me and i'll try to help, just don't get used to it, alright?

Someone wrote:How many languages can/do you speak?

3. Russian ( Main ) Ukrainian ( Country Language ) English ( Universal language ). I tried to learn Greek/Latin, but i'll just leave it as my worst nightmare.

Someone wrote:When you were a kid, did you always wanted to make games/mods, or did you wanted to be a cop and lock up the bad guys, or a fireman and save cats that are stuck in tree's ?

I spent lots of time outside with other kids, like average kid, i've started my modding when i was 15-16 years old.

Someone wrote:What kind of game's do you play your self ?

RTS/FPS/TPS ( prefer old FPS, I play new FPS if only it has good storyline ( Like Bioshock games ). I play some TF2 too, mainly for trading purposes, most of my steam games were bought by TF2 Trading.

Someone wrote:Thanks for you time and that I could break in your precious time.

Thanks for interview, i like to respond to such things!

Interviewed: Gunship MK II
Mod creator of: Command and Conquer Generals Evolutions

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Thanks for dat interview!

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CommanderDef - - 3,097 comments

Stop inviting me to your mods xD.

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This interviewing idea is neat. Keep them coming. :)

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OrangeNero - - 6,594 comments

great idea with the interviews.
Ah yea real life I should play that somewhen again xD

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TheCall - - 260 comments

Too Much Work in Interviews

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