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Announcing the release of our first demo, featuring 10 randomized levels and two player local co-op!

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After pulling a bunch of all nighters, we're happy to announce that the first demo of BrambleLash is finally out!

Download it here:

Windows Demo 0.5
BrambleLash 0.5 Demo (Windows)

Mac Demo 0.5
BrambleLash 0.5 Demo (Mac)

Linux Demo 0.5
BrambleLash 0.5 Demo (Linux)

How far we've come visually since our last major build.

The demo showcases a sample of our co-operative adventure mode, featuring local multiplayer and spanning 10 randomized levels with a series of win conditions. Many things are still a work in progress (especially the sound effects, sourced from a number of royalty free effects and warped mouth noises via a headset and Audacity :P), but we feel the overall look, feel and gameplay mechanics really shine through and communicate what we are aiming for.

As this is a local multiplayer party game, we recommend you find a friend and make them play with you by any means necessary. You CAN try to play two handed on the keyboard but... well... good luck! Keyboard controls are available, but we recommend playing with an Xbox 360 controller if possible.

Have fun with it, and be sure to send any questions or feedback our way!

In the meantime, check out these pretty demo screenshots while it downloads (it's not a big file, so better look quick!).

Coming in for the kill

Tether split flying V formation

The tether got slimed! Better come back together to rejoin up!

Co-operative tactics are well rewarded in the occupy win-condition


-- Love, ByteSprite


Excellent job so far, thanks for sharing. Would love to see where this game goes. I downloaded the demo and played for a little on my own with a keyboard. I didn't get further than Wave 4, but I think I got a good starting feel for the game. Definitely designed to be a co-op game for sure, though I didn't have any friends available to play locally. Almost feels like it should be on consoles if a co-op game, only because those with consoles probably play more locally.

Pros: Easy to learn yet hard to master, innovative tether mechanics, good controls, great variety of interesting enemies and game modes, and fun art style

Cons: Nothing noticeable at this stage, everything seems pretty solid.

I'd really like to see a story/adventure mode if not already planned. Even using traditional game mechanics in this context could be really interesting, such as having one one player stand on a switch while another passes through a door or having players race through the level in a certain amount of time. I'd expect some cool boss fights and mini-bosses, like maybe some enemies need a tether to be held on them for a few seconds to die, or can only be killed in an area that is already lit. Also maybe playing with some more advanced mechanics like terrain that slows down players.

Keep up the great work!

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liamhunt Author

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, really appreciate it! Yeah, we'd definitely love to get it on consoles, in the process of applying now. Bosses and a story are planned and currently in the works, and we're looking to try and explore how many fun objectives we can come up with that revolve around the tether. Great ideas about the different ways to kill enemies, we may have to steal them :P

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