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Today we bring you our final UI for Bracara Augusta: Shadow of the Past!

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Hello, IndieDB community !

Welcome to our twelfth article of our game: “Bracara Augusta: Shadow of the Past”. Today we are going to show you our game UI, the final version.

Testing available:

Firstly, It's been a long time since the last update and we apologise for that. Second, we want to ask the help of the people that like this game to develop this project further.

For now we have the UI testing available here, where you have to download the Unity zip:

And if you want to participate in the game's development you can answer our little questionary. We ask that you submit a photo of you playing the game, but it can be your hand in front of the screen.

All of this help will go towards the game's development and our university report.

Final UI

In the meantime we have been polishing our UI menus and interactions.

We've assembled everything in Unity and added the animations of the buttons.

main menu

Image 1: Main Menu


Image 2: Settings Menu


Image 3: Credits Screen

pause men litteru catarina CLARO

Image 4: Pause Menu

quit warning

Image 5: Quit confirmation Menu

For the interactions, we added, above the object to be interacted, a text box with the key that needs to be pressed to interact.


Image 6: Light Off


Image 7: Light On

For the text balloons, we decided to give the Main character and NPC's a modern piece of paper and for the spirit and stone tablets an old paper.

text interaction

Image 8: Modern paper


Image 9: Old paper

To summarize, these weeks we were focused on perfecting our UI menus and assembling them in the Unity engine.

Now we are going to create teste versions for you guys, to test the game and give us your opinion.

But we will leave that for another article, in the meantime:

Have a nice week

Stay safe!

Ave Bracara Augusta

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Marema Studios

See you in the next article!

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