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The first update of 2022 introduces tribal bow, berry plants and other improvements. Read on to find what else is included!

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

The first update of 2022 introduces tribal bow, berry plants and other improvements. Read on to find what’s included!

New weapon: Tribal Bow

Tribal bow is a weapon that was used by ancient hunters. It’s a stealthy weapon as you hardly cause any noise with it compared to firearms. The tribal bow has a limited range and damage compared to firearms. You’ll find the shot arrows on the ground or in your prey. As the arrows fly slower you’re able to see them during long shots.

Tribal bow uses a new ammo type: Arrow. Arrow packs can be purchased from the shop. You can also find arrow packs in loot boxes. Unlike told in the previous development blog you’re not yet able to collect back shot arrows.

Controls used with the bow are a bit different than with firearms. To draw the bow you need to hold the left mouse button. Once you want to shoot you release the left mouse button. If you want to cancel your shot you need to click the right mouse button simultaneously which releases the draw. If you keep the bow drawn too long your aim will start to waiver.



Berry plants

New plant type has been added on the island: Berry plants. They provide a way for the player to regain some lost health by eating the exotic berries. The healing effect is smaller than with a health pack but the player may find multiple berry plants in an area. Berry plants respawn berries after a while.


Dinosaur AI improvements

  • Herbivores that the player hasn't hurt will stop chasing the player after a while.
  • If a dinosaur didn’t hear where the shot originated from (more probable with a tribal bow) they will just charge in pain and might not find the player.

Shot improvements

The following changes affect trophy integrity:

  • In case you shoot a dinosaur with a gun that isn’t eligible for the proper gun bonus the integrity drop effect will be double the normal rate.
  • Inappropriate guns list has been defined for smaller dinosaurs. In case you shoot a dinosaur which has these defined you’ll see immediate integrity drop although you hit the correct organs.
  • Pteranodon integrity calculation has been unified with the rest of the species.

Bleeding effect calculation has been finetuned based on how good hits per organ you managed to do. If you just barely hit an organ you’ll inflict less bleeding. A shot that stays in an organ longer will cause more bleeding.

A new info screen has been created to the leaderboard view. You’ll find information on what are the proper guns to hunt dinosaurs for maximum score. You’ll also find out about the new inappropriate guns: Which guns are likely to destroy your trophy score. To access the info screen press the i-symbol in the lower right corner of the dinosaur picture.


Shop improvements

All weapons have new stats screens in the shop that will help you to identify the attributes of each weapon. The attributes shown are penetration, damage, fire rate, accuracy, noise and magazine size.


Updated aim animations

Aim animations for iron sight weapons were improved. Aiming down the sights is now easier as the guns shake less and hold the aim precisely when standing still. This improvement affects pistol, revolver, shotgun, .700 double barrel rifle and tranquilizer bow.


Other improvements

  • Drag & drop interchange of equipment is now possible
  • Updated multiplayer system
  • Added water bullet impact effect for all weapons
  • Bullet impact particles now scale properly and now scaling works in multiplayer
  • Added information for binoculars, tracking device and camouflage net in the shop to notify players that these items can be obtained from missions
  • Memory optimizations to reduce memory usage
  • New smaller hit sounds for Compsognathus attacks
  • Improved controller support


Bug fixes

  • Fixed memory leak in Pathfinding System that caused memory usage to grow endlessly when going back and forth between menu and the game
  • Fixed player in some cases unable to move when starting game
  • Fixed issue that could occur after starting a solo game after playing as a client in a multiplayer game
  • Fixed an issue with full storage box that might lose an item after disconnect
  • Fixed an issue with Gallimimus getting stuck inside Supply Warehouse with player
  • Fixed an issue with dinosaurs getting stuck inside building in Freight Container Area
  • Fixed an issue with dinosaurs getting stuck inside Supply Warehouse
  • Fixed an issue with dinosaurs getting stuck inside cave
  • Bullet impact particles now scale properly and now scaling works in multiplayer
  • Corrected Carnotaurus and Gallimimus descriptions
  • Bullets no longer go through some walls and objects
  • Fixed some tree colliders

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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