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Its time to return to the snow: A new version of our Mod has been released: V. 2.7

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Its time to return to the snow: A new version of our Mod has been released: V. 2.7
Basically, it adds a whole bunch of new models and some new units. But thats not all.
New effects,lots of new and even random skins, more map details and last but not least Loran Korns ( r.i.p ) Soundmod raise the bar for realistic athmosphere.
But its not just new eyecandy:It also features updated weapon stats (again, as always big thanks to Xalibur ),
big efforts have been put into bugfixing and stabilizing the mod, we made a german text version , added useful abilities,
corrected prizes, made some new upgrades, added some new units.
Of course we still left some nice bugs for you guys to find out.

We are proud to announce, that every unit in BotB now has the correct model.
It took years, but finally it is ( almost ) as it was supposed to be.
Big thanks to Tankdestroyer, Loran Korn , DMz , Sweeten and Slayerknecht for all their great work. And to Darkblade, for making all that possible.

major Bugfixes

- corrected allied armor tree
- fixed axis 5th and 7th Army Tree text errors
- all AT and Arty Guns are now towable by Halftracks & Trucks
- removed PE veterancy upgrades from 250 halftracks ( SS mortar & AT )
- fixed bugged unit requirements for Allies.
- fixed popcap bugs for all Call-Ins. All pop cap values for the call in now match.
All units now appear, provided you still have the right amount of pop available.
- added Fallschirmjaeger speech
- british units now have correct voices
- schwimwagen has correct speech
- Wirbelwind and Hetzer have correct speech
- british units have correct speech

major gameplay changes:

- set field HQ limit to 1 per player at a time.
- refined weapon penetration and damge for all ballistic guns ( tanks & AT ) (c) by Xalibur
- tanks machine guns have been strengthened. range increased, too.
- added "Hold Ground" command (c) by Xalibur
- new Unit "M20 scoutcar" for Allies, will come with "14th Cavalry" and "Light Attack Group" call-Ins
- new unit "Grille" Self proppelled Howitzer for "Kampfgruppe Peiper" Call-In ( 6th Panzerarmy Doctrine ), Ostwind removed

minor gameplay changes:

- loaded Halftracks and Trucks become slower
- Removed death casualties among infantry from bursting trees,
will still cause health drain, though.
- allied recon flight - reveal radius and reveal time increased
- no more recharge time for the "hold fire" button
- call-in munitions-halftrack can now follow vehicles, popcap cost now 4.
- Jagdpanther and Hetzer now able to camouflage and ambush
- limited US armored Infantry Bazooka upgrade to 1.
- camouflaged snipers will now reveal after 2 shots ( before 0 )
- added permanent "hold fire" button to snipers and scouts
- changed target type of Assault Engineers to "elite" ->stronger
- changed target type of SS Panzergrenadiers to "soldier" ->stronger
- upgrade for Kingtigers changed from MG gunner to Commander
- US Infantry Doctrine: M18 "Hellcat" now needs "14th Cavalry" upgrade before it can be produced
- US Infantry Doctrine: M4a3 105mm now needs "7th Armored" upgrade before it can be produced
- Costs for allied airstrike have been raised by 25mun each. ( airborn doctrine)
- cost of Axis Howitzer has been lowered to 350MP, 50mun, 8 pop - - no. of buildable squads lowered to 3
- edited AI behaviour for Panzerwerfer 42 and Sturmtiger, not that suicidal anymore
- added Sprint ability to snipers, scouts and Infantry Antitank teams ( both factions)
- added permanent "hold fire" button for snipers and scouts
- sprint ability now active for 15 secs ( before 10 )
- lowered Popcap for Tiger and Kingtiger to 12.
- lowered popcap costs for Panther and Jagpanther to 10.
- lowered popcap for 88mm Flak36 to 10.

visual changes / fixes:

- replaced Axis Kingtiger Porsche Turret with Production Turret
- new model for M5 3inch AT Gun
- new Model for Sherman M4a2 Jumbo
- new model for M4A3 76W and M4a3E8 "Easy Eight"
- new gun model and commander for Jadpanther
- new model for M36 Tank Destroyer.
- new model for M1a1 75mm Pack Howitzer
- new model for Pak 40
- new model for the leFH18
- raised max zoomout for camera by 25%.
- new skins for many infantry and vehicles
- random skins for PzIV,Sherman, Panther, StuG & Hetzer
- many skins overhauled
- refined Icons for all units

- changed main menu Graphics from ToV to BotB
- removed lots of small arms tracer beams
- removed tank/AT guns visible projectiles
- trenches now visually load up to 10 persons
- fixed jittering of loaded squads in halftracks
- field guns now just dig in, sandbags and barrels removed


Loran Korns Sound mod & Loop Soundmod.

one new map, "Neffe" ( 2p)


Nice :D

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Thank you!

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So... does online not work or do my friends just not know how to install mods right? Is it one of those 'nice bugs'? :D

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Great work, thanks!

Just one question, will there be a Jagdtiger?

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what for? at least not for the latest CoH patch... ;)

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