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Story advances, new scenes, voice intro from ReformistTM, and much more!

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Hey, cwr here.

As promised, Version 1.0 is released! This new version includes a story mode that is at least twice as long, as well as many other new features and polish. 7 towns received new scenes, the voice intro has been redone, new minor factions and lore has been added, and many other additions were made as well! We have also been fixing bugs, including the bandit lair quest bug and the forest fps bug that gave people trouble in the alpha. We hope you enjoy the mod, and report any bugs you come across on Moddb or the forum.

Special thanks to ReformistTM for the voice acting, and to Gokiller and Akathir for scenes, as well as everyone else who helped. Full credits can be found here.

Bones of Ragnvald 1.0


- Story mode advances
- New scenes for Adurni, Durovernon, Akrendos, Duniadh, Cairnloch, Knosson, Nordenfjoror
- New scenes for random battles (farmhouse, battle on ice, mountain ruins, river ruins)
- New voice acted intro, thanks to ReformistTM
- New faction emblems, thanks to Kesh
- Two new minor factions, Senate Loyalists and Dernwine Realm
- Two new companions, Wayman and Skjold
- Legendary items added (4 currently obtainable)
- Campaign map updated
- More locked chests added
- New and redone items
- New and redone troops
- More music for the soundtrack
- Fixed asking lord for quest bug
- Fixed forest fps bug
- Many more changes large and small


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oh cool! I like ReformistTM's voice.

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