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It's done, the 4. alpha of bombzone refueled is out. I've added a new theme and a lot of new extras. By the way i fixed a lot of bugs, too ;). The game logic of the colorize modes changed and more classic maps where added.

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The new theme has the name "Tutorial Theme". Later i will use this theme for some tutorial level to lern how to play this game and how to use the extras in the right way. For now, this theme has 6 different maps, where you can play and use all new extras.

Hier is a screenshot of the theme:

Tutorial Theme

When playing the classic theme, you can only use a handful of extras, because i want to keep the original bomberman feeling in this theme. But on one map you can use more extras, it calls "extrem" map. Here you can use all new dangerous extras like cluster, abomb, pitcher , boxer, ...

The graphic of this map looks a little bit different. It's more darker and dangerous. Dirt and dust is blowing all over the playfield and fire burns around it.

Here is a screenshot of the classic extrem map:

But the best thing about the new version are all the new extras.
Here is a list of all extras, you can collect:

Jelly Bomb - rolling bombs will not stop at obstacles, they will roll in the opposite direction
Trigger Bomb - bombs can by busted by playeraction
Superman - player can boxes
Stopper - all player can't move for a short time (expected the collector)
Shoe - player can move faster
Snail - player moves slower
Shield - player survived one flame
Pitcher - player can throw own bombs
+5s - adds 5 seconds to roundtime
-5s - reduces roundtime by 5 seconds
Multibomb - player can drop a row of bombs
Mine - player can drop a mine, other player will lost all collected extras and get slow-disease
Health - In healthmode, player gets 25% of health back
Klickbomb - when bomb will touched, the bomb will explode immediately
Kicker - player can kick bombs, bombs start to roll
Ghost - player becomes invisible, only eyes and a small shadow will be visible
Goldbomb - maximizes the explosion-radius
Flash (aahhhhaaa) - Screen flashs
Gift - if collector is ill, gift will stopp illness, if collector is not ill, gift gave all other a disease
Digger - player can dig and move under blocks and other obstacles
Flame - increase the explosion-radius by one field in all directions
Skull 1 - player get a disease
Skull 3 - player get 3 diseases
Clusterbomb - if activated, the exploding bomb will throw 4 new bombs in all directions
Controllerbomb - player can move one bomb in all directions
Boxer - player boxes bombs in adjacent field away
Bowler - rolling bombs can't be stopped by other bombs. other bombs will encountered to other fields
Bomb - player can drop one more bomb
A-Bomb - explosion will not be stopped by boxes or bombs

And finally, two new gameplay video from our weekly test sessions.
The first shows the classic extrem map (deathmatch mode) and the second one shows the tutorial theme (colorize mode).


I wanted serious survey loool.. Like this.:

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