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The Final Nights 1.3 patch and other related news!

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We don't have an exact release date for TFN 1.3 just yet but we're thinking around the end of February. We ran into a big bug with the new Histories System but fortunately we were able to fix it. The problem was that after viewing the 6th History during character creation, TFN would crash back to desktop. I'm excited to say that we're able to browse Histories freely now with complete stability so regular modding has resumed and we're back in full swing!

This leads me to some other important news about TFN 1.3. We've been asked for years now if the Bloodtimer could stop during dialogue so that players wouldn't have to feel rushed to get through it in fear of losing too much blood. This has always been something we've wanted to do but never could figure out how to do it, well that's changed. We successfully figured out how to make the Bloodtimer stop when you're in dialogue with an NPC and this will be featured in TFN 1.3. No more feeling pressured to hurry to get through the dialogue in fear of starving.

We thought this was news worthy because it's been asked and pleaded for so long to happen, and now it finally will!!

Stay tuned for our next update in the upcoming weeks!



OMG WE NEED IT NOW! lol ;) this is all me and my friends talk about

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Zer0morph Author

That's great to hear man, we're making this completely for fans like you and we think you're going to love this update with the new features!

On a positive note, Beta Testing begins this Saturday, January 24th and we typically release the final version about 2-3 weeks after testing so we're thinking it will be released mid February, possibly even sooner if we don't find too many bugs. It's coming VERY soon, I promise! :)

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