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Following most major sporting events, it is near traditional for some form of riot to occur. These riots can range in intensity anywhere from a small group of people holding signs stating their mild disapprovement of recent proceedings to wildly bopping people over the head with a baguette while spouting random giberish that can only be the outcome of rage and alcohol. In short, as we have completely forgotten where we were going with this analogy, Hooligans are essentially crazy caffeine fueled idiots that would really, really like to mess up your face.

Shotgun Hooligan

Hooligans are speedy enemies that refuse to cease moving. Instead they look to circle strafe you as they attempt to dodge any projectiles thrown at them. While this mobility can be useful on their part, it also prevents them from lining up shots as easily as an advanced super soldier that may or may not be (although most likely is) you. Whatever Hooligans put in their coffee in order to keep them going, it is believed to give them heightened senses, dodging whenever your crosshairs are drawn on him.

Demo Hooligan Test Render

Some Hooligans however forgo almost all of that, including conventional weaponry, and trade it all away for a very large bomb. These Hooligans know that they are going down, so they aim to take you with them. These bombs are highly volatile, and are believed to be made from the same materials found in random explosive barrels. This means that Hooligans explode when fired on sufficiently, dramatically. Try to line them up as they decide to duck near several of their comrades, and laugh as you watch more blood than physically possible splatter across the area.

As a final note, be sure to vote for your favorite game as the 1997 Indie of the Year. Yes, we have contacted them to inform them that they got the year wrong. After all, you loved playing this game! Remember? You kinda hit your head pretty hard, you should probably go find a doctor.

Indie of the Year Awards

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This is good. At the first news post of this project I thought it was some kind of hobby experiment that would die after 2 weeks. I am glad that I was wrong, this is looking better and better. And the writing in the news is great!

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