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Beta 8.10 introduces a new hivefleet to Exterminatus, Leviathan, replacing the old hivefleet and Blood Ravens replacing the Ultramarines as the default chapter of space marines. The new beta also features many new and improved sounds and effects.

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Since July of 2014 DontAsk4470 has been contributing new and improved features to Exterminatus to introduce a new hivefleet and new shaders compatible with Source Film Maker. Beta 8.10 is the culmination of this effort, with both races re-branded as Hivefleet Leviathan and the Blood Ravens Chapter of space marines.

Installer Download
Exterminatus Beta 8.10 (Installer)

Zip Download
Exterminatus Beta 8.10 (Zip)

Installation instructions

  • Install the "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer" to your steam library (it's listed under "tools").
  • Run the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer at least once. You can exit once the menu has finished loading.
  • If you already have a copy of the EX beta, delete it.
  • Run the Beta installer and follow it's instructions.
  • Restart Steam. You should now see both the Exterminatus Beta 8.10 listed in your library.
Imperial Players Tyranid Players


  • Blood Ravens skin pack installed by default, shaders tweaked by DontAsk4470.
  • New eye glow effects for all player classes, thanks to DontAsk4470.
  • Added visual and sound effects for when bolt weapons hit flesh and other surfaces. Sound effects by DontAsk4470.
  • New ambient sounds in all the maps, thanks to DontAsk4470.
  • Four new main menu backgrounds by DontAsk4470 (2 tyranid , 2 marine, selected at random).
  • New main menu sounds, made by DontAsk4470.
  • Hivefleet Leviathan skins for all classes and weapons by DontAsk4470 and ChromeAngel.
  • Updated all the maps and their thumbnail pictures to use Leviathan style infestation.


  • Moved the "Medithrope" healing ability to the reload of the Zoanthrope and removed the Medithrope.
  • Auto-balance should now prompt players on stacked teams to swap when killed.
  • Marine armor now gives them 5 points flame resistance.
  • Buffed spore mines, no longer hurts most tyranids, but does 50% damage to the biovore the fired them.
  • Nerfed spore mine damage from 40 to 30.
  • Nerfed chainsword damage from 60 to 50.
Map voting in-game Bloodraven survivors


  • New sounds for the Flamer and Plasma Weapons by DontAsk4470.
  • New bolt weapon sounds by DontAsk4470.
  • New Heavy Bolt firing sound made by DontAsk4470 .
  • New thunder crack, Venomcannon Impact sound, thanks to DontAsk4470.
  • New lime green, tyranid particle effects, thanks to DontAsk4470.
  • Added weapon bob to all weapons while moving.
  • Changed the class portraits to faction-less icons (generic marine and tyranid, rather then Ultramarine and Behemoth ).
  • Enabled "Hero Banners" for the heavy marine class.
  • Smoothed the animation of the tyranid HUD flood bars.
  • Tweaked the auto-balance to take into account team scores, and what team you were on last round.
  • Tweaked the Tarantula facing and muzzle flash code.
  • Tweaked turret AI to improve it's yaw and pitch accuracy.
  • Tweaked HUD objectives, to prevent them sticking when out of view.
  • Tweaked bolt weapon muzzle flashes trying to get the tarantula to use both barrels.
  • Tweaked blood effects on players when hit to make them more visible.
  • Tweaked the tactical overview to make more room for the map.
  • Tweaked blood effects on players when hit to make them more visible.
  • Tweaked the text of the Target ID to be more 40k themed.
  • Tweaked ex_lycantium between the monument and parking lot objectives and tweaked the lighting and skybox.

Work is in progress to update the other chapter skin packs to use the new marine skin features and cope with the change to the default chapter.

If you are one of our 1800+ watchers you may have been caught out by the mod's change of image. To go with the mod's new look I'm switching to out classic logo, the Source "tag" around the classic GW Tyranid logo.


What other forums and social networks have you posted this on? It could benefit from being posted outside of moddb, the Steam group, and the mod's website. We could also use perhaps another promotional video/trailer (gameplay or Source Filmmaker).

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yea spam !, I like this mod

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Cool thanks for the nice work.

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Alpha 8.11 is out so this is outdated now.

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Waiting approval for 8.11?

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ChromeAngel chose to release the Alpha 8.11 build only on his website ( rather than moddb.

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