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BLOG week 42 - Let's go on a Raid! Development blog of TCW 2.0

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I very nearly fell asleep on this one. A big shout-out to Bazil for bringing it to my attention. :blink:

Tiberium Crystal War 2.0
Things are moving smoothly, with a lot of vehicle work in the works. We've been majorly overhauling all the Vehicles in TCW to look cooler and more detailed. The results speak for themselves. ;)

Mauler's Minute
Wow these weeks are just flying by, anyways let's begin my weekly thing :)
Not much this week other than the addition of the Nod Raider Buggy and the GDI Pitbull

Fighters ARM UP!
TCW Wants YOU! As always, we need testers.

Tester: "Tess-turrs": People thourougly addicted to Tiberium Crystal War who have nothing better to do than play it 24 hours a day for weeks, who then report on it's ins and outs, gimmicks and glitches and all around personality to the TCW Developers. They also must drink coffee. That is not optional.

Also, if you have skill with W3D or just CG Work in general, you are welcome to send us an application to join our ranks! Join now!

NOOB tip of the Week
The Nod Harvester makes a great camping vehicle. ~Submitted by SS67~

@TCW veterens, send me your own tips by PM, I might include some of them. ;)

Let's give them their PROPS.
A small video of the before-mentioned vehicles ingame.

Okay, that's it!

Is it?????? Let's see, blah blah*Dev Nights*Blah blah*stay tuned*blah blah*God bless all......


Greetz, the Tiberium Crystal War Development Team :P
Mauler / Bazil / SS67


Sorry about the videos taking so long. If you want to see them now, just go here:

Once again, sorry for the delay.

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Gotta say. Just saw this and the video looks great. Looking at all the stuff in it it seems pretty damn good.

My only criticism is the nod buggy, the way the wheels work.

Everything still looks spectacular and you guys are doing a great job and I hope you keep up the good work, Now tracking.

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for the Wheels is the W3d engine problem. by default that is how the wheels turn. Even Renegade nod Buggy and GDI humvee is the same.

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Чёрт, это круто! Особенно фонарики на баггах и мотоциклах!
Damn, this is cool! Especially lights on buggies and bikes!

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Yup and now think how is that gonna work on the night maps! :D

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