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The team is at about 14 members, including myself. I'm Allen by the way. The owner of Broken Limits Media and leader of the team. Some of you know I started the team to help students find a way to build their experience and portfolios. You can be a part of that experience building opportunity. Just head over to Broken Limits Media's Join page and sign up. We'd love to grow the team with fresh and focused experienced members!

As for the Undead Castle, I think it's time again to go over why we're building this game. Reason number one: Who doesn't love zombie thrillers? Answer, only jerks. Even my church pastor is very involved in the Walking Dead social ring. My old man got me into the series. It's outrageous. Zombies are awesome. What more could we offer in a zombie game? A fresh, innovative experience. Yes. We promise a fresh experience, but we (I) don't want to give it away right now so you'll have to trust us and throw us some support. This is our first Major project so it makes me nervous to give away so many details of the game. Have you noticed you just read about 200 words and haven't really heard much about the project itself? "What's with this guy" you're saying.... Well I'd like to see a slightly, much larger, significant, small increase in hits to our content before giving too much more away. I'm not asking too much am I? Okay okay. Enough stalling.

The Undead Castle is a medieval zombie game based in the year 5431. "Wtf" you say? Screw tradition! Am I right? Who needs it. (Insert standing ovation). We decided that medieval + zombie = fun, but not enough fun, as far as story plots and new styles go. So, I created the Devotion. These guys gathered around Roman Haas, a bad-to-the-bone, preacher! "Wtf" you say a second time? Yea! This guy Roman lost half his family (a wife and son) to a fire some years before the undead, and then he lost his oldest son AS an undead. He had to put a sharp something into his undead meat chomper. Poor guy had a lot taken from him, so he went wild for a few years. He settled down eventually and learned that a path of righteousness was the only way he could see his family again in the afterlife (alternatively known as the Overworld). Once he learns of the path to righteousness and the truth of the afterlife (as told by a strange old man), he begins his own religion and gathers a band of people to unite a large mass of people.

Small recap: Roman Haas looses everything, he kills everything in his path for a few years, then becomes a "holy-man," and starts a religious organization called the Devotion. Eventually, he becomes the King of this new movement (dubbed by his followers), leads the Devotion to overtake a large mass of land, and kills any opposition in the name of the Devine, their god-like figure. The Devine by the way is not a god, but it is worshiped and talked about in similar ways. The Devine is actually the goodness of all of the universe. This is why the people call themselves the Devotion.

So let's skip ahead a few hundred years. The Devotion gains a lot of ground. Roman Haas did well in establishing a groundworks for how the Devotion should live on as a whole, well after his departure. They were to uphold a key priority to suppress the will of personal desires and increase their knowledge and righteousness. The goal for the Devotion / Devine is to become a group of people above all other groups, races, or civilizations to ever have existed. The goal is to find true solace, wholeness, and humility. This was/is the only way to have good or great standing in the Overworld (afterlife). So the Devotion spends a few hundred years focusing on seeking out libraries around the world and salvaging information to keep their people well educated. They spend great resources to gather new followers and destroy the opposition, and they implement over a long period of time, new ways of life. These new ways start with simple things like learning how to use a bow and arrow in preference to an automatic weapon, meditating and growing spiritually, and getting rid of the desire to use modern technology for even the simplest of tasks. They become experts at using the land for any and all purposes.

A few thousand years is a long time. Our game history is vast. The people of the Devotion have countless battles and rivalries. There will be extensive content found in our game via books, notes, journals, and other dark, secret events and objects. There has never been a perfect civilization. How is/was the Devotion able to survive through the years? After some 3000 years, wouldn't they eventually topple, paving the way for a new civilization or people to rise up, as the Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire? Not necessarily. The Devotions' success may have stemmed from a similar feature of Woodbury from the Walking Dead series (spoiler alert for those late watchers). Woodbury, having a tyrannical leader, only allowed people to join their town, not leave it, and even with that "rule" they still turned down (murdered) other outsiders for their resources. As stated, no civilization is perfect, even if the are religiously guided.

I hope you enjoyed that bit of exposure to the world of the Undead Castle. I enjoyed sharing it, even though I was reluctant. I tend to be a reserved individual.

Keep updated on our work everyone! You can find good resources about the team on our main site, Please feel encouraged to leave a message/comment here or on the site! Thanks.

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