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As promised, here is a showcase regarding the voice over system. Included bonus feature is the new AI sounds, stamina system and Scrying ritual. Voice over acting is credited to Ryan Cooper.

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Hello and welcome to a new showcase of Blinding Dark, the Tactical FPS Horror game.

As promised, in this update we will talk about the voice over system and its role.
The update showcase video:

Voice over system is composed of three main area, each with their specific utility:

1. "Cool lines" - If you played games like Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D or Blood, you remember that the main character usually had a 'badass' quote each time he killed an enemy, entered a new area or even he was staying idle. They have the same functionality in Blinding Dark. I wanted to bring a bit of that old-school feeling into an FPS horror game of today.

2. "Story Lines" - These voice-over elements are used for immersion, but also to give hints regarding puzzles or secret item in the nearby area. The main idea, is to make the protagonist feel more alive and susceptible to the horrifying events that occur to him.

3. Journal Entries - these are simple word by word readout from the text. The journal entries contain just enough information to give you an understanding over how your items work, how dangerous your enemies are and uncover the story behind Blinding Dark.

As a bonus, you can also see:
- the the stamina system, used mostly for sprinting.
- new sounds for the Spiked Horror enemy.
- new upgraded visuals, sounds and controls for the scrying ritual

More regarding these three systems, will follow in a separate update.

Thanks a lot for your time and interest! Don't forget to follow Blinding Dark progress by tracking the game!

See you next time!

GlobaLiviu - - 46 comments

Really good job here :)

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primus88 Author
primus88 - - 51 comments

Thanks Liviu! Doing our best and with all the passion we can muster.

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