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Assembly RTS - Unleash Your Forces is a real-time strategy game where you will be able to customize your own vehicles.

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Hi everyone, and welcome back to the devlog series for my work-in-progress real-time strategy game where you'll be able to customize your own vehicles.

The past two weeks have been busy with troubleshooting and fixing various issues.
I was so focused on these technical challenges that I didn't take any time to continue work on 3D art for the game.
I've also had a bit of a cold. Thankfully I could start taking cold showers again a few days ago and now I'm full of energy.

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As I mentioned in previous devlogs, I was convinced that the black screen issue in the real-time map editor was somehow caused by the browser-based user interface.

However, after a lot of time following dead ends and false positives,
I figured out how to fix the broken UI in the map editor.
It turns out that it doesn't have anything to do with the browser-based user interface.

It's basically impossible to use the "Runtime Editor" Unity asset in the High Definition Render Pipeline.
This only becomes apparent once the game has been built to an executable file which made troubleshooting really tedious.

And after investing some time to convert my project to the Universal Rendering Pipeline,
I was really surprised that I managed to reach visuals which are just as good as before, but at a much higher framerate.


So after all, this whole ordeal might have been a blessing in disguise. Not only could I improve the performance of my game, but I can now also continue using the map editor asset, which is a very useful piece of technology.

Furthermore, I nearly finished upgrading Assembly RTS to the newest version of Unity's Entity Component System, including my modifications to the ECS physics engine.
This has already taken longer than I anticipated, but the added features will definitely make it worth it.

I also spent a day giving a more 'low poly' style a try, because it would save me a lot of work and give me more room to experiment.
However, it became apparent to me that such a style would have much less mass appeal.
I believe that I should stick with the more labor-intensive realistic visuals. What do you think?


Thanks for your support.
Have a great day and see you for the next devlog for Assembly RTS.

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