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BlackStorm graphics update unit creator update bug fixes features added and history.

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Features added:
water propulsion

standard water propulsion speed: medium
prerequisites:water factory,medium speed water propulsion research
Advanced multi-atmospherical Vertical Take Off & Landing

propulsion high speed space/atmosphere propulsion
prerequisites: AMAVTOL research,heavy combat chassis research,spacecraft factory


new HUD
new Models
new Structures
new Weapons
new propulsions(shown above)
fixed bugs

In the year 2050 space technology advanced,mankind established the first base at a planet discovered in 2053 called densis.After that in the year 2056 the world was almost destroyed by missiles launched during a war,earth atmosphere was polluted,mankind was almost wiped out from the surface of earth... plants couldnt survive in that ambient...there was no more green... a group of survivors wearing gas masks headed to the nearest space vehicle gantry... activated the spacecraft control system,loaded resources in the spacecraft,activated the space exploring robotics and launched it into space using the manual spacecraft control... and started the search for a new home...

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