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Explained reasons, goals and progress about this mod.

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I always found the Black & White 2 campaign way too easy and nothing really special happened in all the different lands. So this mod aims to recreate the Black & White 2 campaign (almost) completely.

Goals in this are:

  • An improved AI
  • More side quests
  • Enhanced difficulty
  • A little gimmick for every land

Finished lands so far:

  • Norse Land (Landscape needs a bit more work)
  • First japanese Land
  • Second japanese Land
  • Landscape and some scripts for the third japanese Land

I plan to upload the first release, rather an "Early Access" version approximately may/june depending on how much I can work on it and how many bugs I need to fix.

The Early Access version will include all norse lands and all japanese lands, sometime later I will add the aztec lands too.

The first three tutorial lands won't be edited since you can skip these lands if you want.

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