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An update about the mod, I don't want to say it's dead, but there is much being worked on that i need time for it.

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Why does it takes so long?

First, it's due to time constraints and other projects I have, then, I worked the source code on Visual Studio, but the version I used doesn't seem to work anymore.

Some new (future) features?

I have been planning to work on a lot of customizable features for the mod, but to keep it short and simple, here's a quick list of the important ones:

Universal Human AI & Monster AI

This will change completely the game's base AI: there will be 2 full AI systems for the entities in-game, one for the Humans (scientists, guards, marines, black ops...) and one for the Monsters (mostly the Xen and Race X aliens), that are capable of MUUUCH more than what the old AI could do. (more information for later)

Enhanced and new effects

The goal of this one is to upgrade some base effects (like explosions, blood or smokes) and add some new ones that can also be added in a map editor.

Possible engine upgrades

To handle all those changes planned, I may possibly improve some engine capabilities, like the maximum amount of entities and model/level geometry, not confirmed, but there.

And yet more

I've also been experimenting stuff like weaponmodel for entities (to replace the usage of model bodygroups and give npcs any weapon), animation blending (like in source or sven co-op) and the usage of model props.

As for the other projects...

With that new game modification being worked on, I am planning to use it on my 2 other mod projects, "Type X" and "Half-Broken 2", but since it's still some WIP, don't expect much from those, at least for now.

And now some media

this video is a trailer I made for a more recent version, so you can see more of what was added or being worked on:

And that is all for now, I hope it was informative


Nice progress

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