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Replaced most the physics 2d engine stuff with the Corgi non physics based engine.

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So I found this new asset in the unity asset store called the Corgi Engine. It was a NON physics based controller for a 2d platformer, something I have been wrestling with for the last year in my game. I have been plodding along with various pieces of the game just fine, requisitioning art, building some mechanics but also spent A -LOT of time on the feel and it never was perfect to me. So I decided to bite the bullet and get the asset and try it out. Well it is going WAY smoother than I had hoped it could. Which of course makes me nervous :) but so far so good. I almost got my main character working again with full animations and the like. It was really telling actually as to how cobbled together my own code was. The corgi engine is well built and pretty easy to use. In fact it is showing me the *right* way to code for Unity games. My biggest issue always was getting data between components on a game object. Corgi does it well, it is like designing for OOP even if you are not specifically building classes with a ton of inheritance, sure that exists but it is just a different way of thinking. Though sadly I have not done a lot of serious OOP programming, and when I do it is for a small project and it gets tossed out. It is good to have this framework to force me to think in that way and write better code. All in all this was a good decision, the player controls better...and thought he jetpacking (main feature of the game) lost some charm to me (it was wicked hard to master) it might be more accessible. We will see how this conversion goes.

P.s. I shall be using this more often to post news and updates on this game for anyone that cares, I will try to keep it development/programming heavy since I sort of like that myself when I read other Indie Blogs and posts.

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Object Oriented Programming is one of those things that are quite hard to wrap your head around, but it is nice for more people to understand it.

So how are you wrapping your head around this new way of thinking?

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