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For the birth of this mod I will explain what do i plan to do; Edain team said that they where able to add only twoo new factions playable by the AI and that they won't add more factions because they wanted that the AI can play them. I will make new factions that only the human player will be able to play and with this i won't be limited with the AI.

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Folk of Middle-Earth

The new definitive factions list:

  • Khazad-Dum expedition:

    After Durin's Bane caused the abandonment of Moria by the Dwarves and its occupation by Orcs of the Misty Mountains, only Thrór and Nár are known to consider entering it. Thrór was murdered as he entered the East-gate of Moria, leading to the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. Even after the end of the War, many Dwarves refused to reclaim Moria, partially because of the Durin's Bane.Years later however, the Dwarves managed to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.

    Though the riches of Erebor had made the Dwarves prosperous again, a strange darkness rose amongst the people of Erebor, and rumor grew of even greater wealth elsewhere. Chiefly among these grew that Durin’s folk now had the strength and numbers to return Khazad-dûm, which Balin and many others had decided to journey to. Despite King Dáin Ironfoot’s advice against their plan, he gave leave of Balin and his followers to take the expedition in T.A. 2989. They had hoped to regain the treasures of Moria, and Balin had also hoped to find the Ring of Thrór, which was assumed to have been lost with Thrór (in reality Thrór had given the Ring to his son, Thráin, before his fateful quest to retake his kingdom).

  • Arnor:

    The Kingdom of Arnor is devided between three realms...

    Arthedain; the first one, the richest, ruled by Arvedui from the fortress of Fornost. This Kingdom have a weekenesse though; and it is their low population and so is its army but this weekenesse is balanced by the fact that it's the richest Kingdom of Arnor

    Cardolan; the second and the most green with all the forests that cover its land, the Kingdom of Tharbad has been heavily wounded by the attacks of the witch king. But yet if it causes the death of their king, the realm is still ruled by a governor and it marked the army that is now the most trained of the Arnorian kingdoms

    And finally the Kingdom Rhudaur; the poorest, the Kingdom is not anymore a Kingdom, as all the territories have been fled, but the ancient king, Meaneril leed a force of Rhudauris that still beleive in the resurgence of their Kingdom, ...

  • Harad:

    The Harad faces a great threat, indeed the serpent lord, Suladan have rise up against the Golden King of Harad and the civil war is coming in the whole Harad. On one side, the golden king, rightfull king of all Harad and its regions heir of the Betrayer, the first king that have joined the Dark Lord, but now, the Golden King is weak, he's just gathering gold and is even thinking about a peace with the ancestral enemy of Harad, the Kingdom of Gondor!

    This is why The Serpent lord have rise up against this weak king, at the command of the greatest Harad region, he is a warrior and a natural commander, but the future of Harad will be decided by one of these to lords...

  • Rhun:

    The rhunic tribes haven't been unify since the ruling of Khamul. But the dragon king, leader of the Balcoths is a hope for the reunification of all the rhunic tribes...

    On the east the Khandish hordes travell their lands plundering their closest neighbours. On the north, the savage tribes of Khudorsed have nothing else than goats but these hillmens are fierce warriors on which you have to count. The Amory of the plains of Gathod made the most armoured soldiers in the east. The antic dragon temples of Delpygis use their author ity on the population with the help of the dragon priests.

    On the plains of Nûrad the horsemen never abandon their horse and finally, the Balcoths, the Golden army, officially Kingdom of the east have seen his influence lowers eternally before the arrival of Kargizik...

    The army of Rhun contains a lot of competition and the lowest ranked units are jealous of the graded units.

  • Dorwinion:

    The peoples of Dorwinion are divided between Elves and Men. The Elves are few, but with their affinity for nature have become the wealthy of the land. Despite this, the aristocracy of Dorwinion is formed by the Men. This is due to Man's eagerness to fight, as opposed to the Elven interests in peace. Despite this divide, the Men, regardless of their power, are jealous of the Elven wealth flowing from the vineyards and trade routes.

    In the Vinter-court, the Wine Regent (comparative to a king in other realms) oversees a large council. Many of the nobles are Men, as they don't wish to see Elves in their place of power. The Wine Regent only wishes to maintain peace and the flourishing of commerce. This is made more difficult as the nobles push Dorwinion to the brink of war.

    On the outskirts of the realm, peoples from across Rhûn are migrating over the border. Though many of these are refugees from wars in the east, there is also a coordinated effort to overwhelm the people of Dorwinion and make the land a puppet of the Easterlings, bringing them into the coming fight against Dale. In this tense atmosphere, the Wine Regent is having an even harder time keeping the peace.

The new possible factions list:

  • Ered Mithrin
  • Eregion
  • Lindon
  • Last Alliance
  • Numenor
  • Umbar
  • Dwarves of Gundabad
  • maybe more

Sneak peake:

Bridges defenders of Ered Mithrin

bridges guards of Ered mithrin

Guardians of Ered Mithrin (Updated)

Guardians of Ered mithrin

High Regent of Ered Mithrin

High Regent of Ered mithrin

Khazâd Guards of Khazâd-Dûm

Khazad Guards of Khazad Dm

Long Travelers of Khazâd-Dûm

Long Travellers of Khazad Dm

Vault Wardens of Khazâd-Dûm

Vault wardens of Khazad Dm


Good Job!

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lord_ellessar Author

thanks :)

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This looks pretty good, keep up the good work lord_ellessar

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lord_ellessar Author

Thanks Kark-Jocke ;-)

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Really god job, I'm waiting excitedly! Is there any spesific date for the first relasing?

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lord_ellessar Author

no there isn't any date :P

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So is this a mod of a mod, meaning i will need Edain or will it have its own files?

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lord_ellessar Author

you need edain mod ;)

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