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New video development update for Astral Terra, a smooth Voxel Sandbox Fantasy Game! Monsters, Biomes, caves, new building tools and more!

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This is Part 1 of the fifth video update of the development of Astral Terra. Astral Terra is a smooth Voxel Sandbox Fantasy Game (Minecraft / Dungeons and Dragons hybrid). Adventurers travel 7 different planes/worlds to seek out treasure, power and resources used to develop their characters, survive the dangers of the planes and build a home while shaping the world into their vision. Our world is completely editable and dynamic, similar to Minecraft, using a powerful smooth Voxel Terrain System.

This update introduces the new caves system, mobs, multiple biome types and new tools and enhancements to our current Pre-Alpha build. Astral Terra is in Pre-Alpha phase right now and will be moving on to KickStarter soon as well as moving over to Steam Greenlight for release. Visit our website (found in our profile) to sign up for the newsletter and be notified about Alpha and Beta access! Go to our videos section here on IndieDB to find part 2 of this video update.

ulrasor - - 226 comments

Beholders? Nice.

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tethysinteractive Author
tethysinteractive - - 8 comments

Their distant fey cousins - these ones have a tail and fins. ;) We call 'em Watchers, and we want to make them speak the queens English - accent and everything. :P

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ulrasor - - 226 comments

That is perfect for a random encounter.
You see two Beholders talking, one of the fey origin, and one that looks like a Beholder from the regular D&D universe.
The regular looking Beholder could be "American" in a sense and argue with it's Fey counterpart about their dialect and the different words they use.

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