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Billie and Oscar receive character movement upgrades by using locomotion to bend the characters body to match their directional movement. We also take a sneak peak at Billies new plushie design!

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Weekly Billie Bust Update - 24/03/2018

In this weekly update we look at the improved character movement for Billie and Oscar, and a sneak peak at Billies new plushie design for our future Kickstarter!


Thanks to the feedback we have gotten from our Twitter and Facebook community we were able to improve the character movement for Billie and Oscar. Using locomotion in Unreal Engine the characters bodies will now naturally bend and turn with their running direction.

We have also added the ability to walk on tightropes and have added that additional "splat" animation for long falls, however, with an umbrella you really shouldn't be getting this animation!

We are getting closer and closer to our Kickstarter and are preparing our first demo and merchandise for the campaign. This includes plushies! Thanks to Budsies we have just finished work on the Oscar prototype (pictures next week!) and have started work on Billies prototype plush, take a sneak peak at her plush design


Fanart Feature


Billie and Oscar look for buried treasure by Ashlee Ortiz


Billie and Oscar strike a pose! By Madipup


Billie and Oscar explore the underwater depths by Blaze984

Thank you to all the fantastic artists for sharing their amazing art for us and drawing our characters<3

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