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Too much work for 2 months. Splines, meshes, VFX, Photo-mode and other...

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During the previous difficult month, the following work was done.

– Setting up splines for the movement of aircraft;
– The player's ship was made and imported;
– Photo mode redesigned (several problems appeared, in particular, aircraft freezing during photo mode);
– Photos are saved both in the game (did not decide if any album is needed in the menu), as well as on the user's disk;
– Now you can hide the HUD at any time: both during the game and during the photo mode. And also the HUD is automatically hidden when playing in Hardcore mode;;
– The player's cannon is now correctly attached to the ship;
– Removed the mode of moving the player between two positions of the shooter;
– Removed garbage (old assets) and extra code from the game;
– Added new lighthouse model;
– Redesigned beacon functionality and some graphic fixes;
– Added initial credits with the logo of the studio and the game engine;
– Added a new player gun (made animation during the shot; _not shown in the video_);
– Added a new model of a standard aircraft, as well as a new material for it;
– Environment generation functionality (now you can generate an environment, but there are no models for it, so it will need to be improved);
– There were attempts to create a game build (not successful);
– In the near future I think to rewrite everything in a new (clean) project;
– Replaced VFX pictures with their own;
– The logic of the collision of the aircraft and the ship;
– Loading screen for transition between levels;
– Weather change (sun and rain control);

Plans for the near future:
– Look for a way to create a page on Steam (support does not help);
– Creation of environment models;
– Refinement of aircraft and their animation;
– Reworking the project from a clean face (transferring functions to a clean project);
– Refactoring.




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