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Things have been moving for Tattered Sails as a game. We've hired a awesome developer/programmer for the game. He has made tremendous additions already. We also have further features to implement.

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to every who follows or checks out the page. We have so much in the work and finished. A background while communication has lacked is because life has changed alot for me. The last post, I was moving into a new position and have been working hard. Alot of over time as a network administrator at a ISP. The good thing is, with the new position I was able to put money aside to hire a developer/programmer. Check him out here

With the new programmer, we have seen a bunch of new additions and it has helped propel me forward with motivation as well due to having to work a lot at my normal 8-5 job. I planned to have a big patch out at the end of September. This gives the team wiggle room on fixing anything else that comes up. There will be bugs but I'll be trying to squash them as much as possible. I appreciate everyone checking the game out and trying it out.

New Additions in the next patch

Cannons - ability to aim and shoot cannons to damage enemies or ships

Boats - Boats have been implemented at a basic level ability to traverse the ocean

New Options menu - adjustable graphics,keybinds, and audio options

New character models - New characters model being worked on

New clothing - due to the change for character models we had to redo clothing

New AI - Animals now react to you when being aggressive.

Crafting Recipe List - Ability to look into a list to search for what is needed to craft items

New Recipes - New recipes of overall

Movable UI - UI to be able to adjust to your liking

Female character model while working on clothes

Chicken running away from evil

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