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Read about some of the last big changes for The Collector: Source!

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Hi, The Collector: Source is back!
Not saying it is/have been dead, we are just active again!
A lot of stuff happened since the last time!
Some of the old Collector team is not here anymore, so we are on our one now, making the mod as I intended it to be.
I'm not going to use the other members content, as I think that is fair.

The coding side!
I got a lot coding done, the core gameplay is soon done!
I (finally) managed to create a new team for the police.
The core gameplay, is this roundbased one with The Collector killing those hiding victims.
However, now, after a specific time (sv_policejoin), a dead rebel will respawn as a police, and should
try to stop The Collector.

The "Idea" side.
I thought of a new gameplay aspect. "Escort" mode I call it.
When the police spawn, it's their job to escort all the living victims, if any.
Again, since I wrote this under the "idea" section, I'm not sure if I'm gonna implement this.
Long story short: The police spawn, finds the victims, escorts them, win.
Please leave a comment on what you think about it.

And finally recruitment:
Since we a some men down, I could use some new team members! I assume that anyone applying
are giving examples of previous work.
Right now I need:

  • Mappers! The Collector: Source needs some nice detailed maps for the players to run around in.
  • Character Moddelers. I need character modellers to create some nice characters.
  • Weapon/prop Modellers! To create nice creepy traps and scary weapons for The Collector.
  • - The compiling process is not necessary, as I can do that. It would be a plus though.
  • If you think something is missing, just drop me a PM anyways, saying what you can do!

To apply, just send me a PM, or add me on steam!
Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.


Why is the old team gone?

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ferdyfist Author

Some left. And because of some demotivation, I decided to start over.

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Hey, I'm looking into voice acting, maybe I could provide my voice for a character or something later on for the mod?

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ferdyfist Author

Oh yes sure!
Could you send me a PM with some examples?

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Sure it may take a while, what would you like to hear me say?

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If you get no mappers applying send me a PM and I can probably help you out. Don't have as much time as I would like to map but I can probably help you.

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Though my poor quality mic may be a problem in the long run.

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