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In recent years, the Blender Game Engine has become much faster and has increased capabilities.

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New screenshots have been uploaded to showcase the Blender Game Engine's newfound capabilities. As of Blender version 2.48a (which was released quite awhile ago), the BGE has been capable of handling GLSL graphics, like normal mapping and realtime shadows. Since then, the BGE has been optimized, making it perform much faster, with the speed increasing around 200% over the recent 2.5 betas alone.

The BGE has been making great strides in both speed optimizations as well as design changes and upgrades. With the new user interface in Blender 2.5 alone, game creation has been greatly improved and simplified. What's more, the BGE even has features that other game engines don't have, like soft-body physics and even a Node Editor to graphically create advanced GLSL shaders simply. So if you are interested in the BGE at all, download it and check it out at, and also see my blog featuring tutorials on using the BGE at

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