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This corrects many small balance and cosmetic issues. It also contains the new Argonaut, and revised Valkyrie.

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Beyond the Throne v3.9.7.3

I hit small bugs and cosmetics hard with this update. I addressed all that I could find including ability/unit descriptions, buff icons, repetitive special effects, terrain issues, creep spawns, and more. There are a few major changes as well including a revised Argonaut (new unit), Valkyrie (presentation), and special damage bonuses for siege and sea.

Ironclad Revised

The new Argonaut is a merging of the Battleship and previous submarine Argonaut. It is vastly more fun to use, and available right away. While damage and health are high, other abilities are now upgrades and the unit as a whole fits in nicely with the Human theme.

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With the Argonaut change the tech trees are now aligned with each other in terms of combat unit diversity. Each unit has a special role that is non-redundant within each race. When compared between races even equivalent units are designed to be used in different ways.


Recently I have been getting more reports from my fans. I appreciate this immensely as I do not have the time to play test like I used to. As I take suggestions for balance I often am presented with ideas I had not thought of that significantly improve game-play. Please continue to provide me your thoughts.

lvm134 - - 6 comments

We need more maps :c

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Kam-Ghostseer Author
Kam-Ghostseer - - 325 comments

What would you like to see?

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lvm134 - - 6 comments

3v3 , 4v4 , something like thath.

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