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Thanks to Remixer and infrenus I have some exciting new terrain and models for you to play with. The Lost are becoming a truly refined race, and I have been continually differentiating Orcs and Humans. Enjoy!

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Balance Changes:

-Bloodlust attack speed increase lowered from 40% to 30%
-Afterburn chance increased from 25% to 33%

-Sheep may now be bought at Farm Depots at a cost of 40 gold and 5 lumber to produce 3 food

-Impale replaced with Blade Shards
-Fulgor removed
-Shadow mana cost reduced from 175 to 150
-Unbridled Frenzy no longer deals self damage
-Nightmare Palette cost reduced by 50 mana, attack range increased to 100 from 90 to match Ogre Magi and Paladin, armor increased by 2
-Dark Ward replaced with Mana Shield
-Petrification Aura replaced with Acid Burst
-Pain Lord replaced with Hulsk
-Soul Sew now absorbs friendly units, and when the Harbinger makes a kill it gains 25% of the max hit points of the dying (organic) unit
-Monolith functions merged with Obsidian Moor
-Corruption duration increased from 5/7 to 8/12 and cooldown increased from 25 to 40 seconds
-Desecrator reworked to be an organic unit area denial weapon, new model/icon
-Oppressor renamed Scourge, now a two in one unit with a form change from fast-attack ranged to ranged siege
-Executioner remade


-Nomral orc AI loads
-Afterburn no longer has a chance to chain-trigger causing lag

-Lost spawn special effect now only plays for workers and Derelict units
-Palette can no longer be cast in deep water or other obstructed areas
-Corruption max range now functions correctly
-Lost units that are summoned no longer allows food limit to be ignored. I had thought this corrected in the last update.
-Adjutant description
-Oppressors and Stygian Monarchs no longer have mana
-Terror was not firing

-Dummy units no longer have a chance of providing vision
-Numerous trigger optimizations

Cosmetic Changes:

-Rifleman has new model/icon

-Battle Guide model updated

-Lost primary structure model reworked
-Firey Shards has a new projectile model
-Nexus Buffer effects altered
-Overseer renamed to "Altar of Oversight

-Removed Relic custom model, and Circle of Power base

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