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This patch primarily focuses on balancing Lost, and restructuring the Human navy.

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Balance Changes:

-Bloodlust can no longer target mechanical units
-Grunt damage base increased from 10 to 15
-Dragon now has small armor
-Warthog attacks now piercing
-Warlock hit points increased from 410 to 615
-Barracks build time increased to 35 seconds
-Voodoo Temple hit points decreased from 1800 to 1600, build time increaed from 25 to 40, lumber cost

increased to 150 from 50
-Rig hit points decreased from 1300 to 1200
-Suppress replaced with Blood Boil

-Footman damage base increased from 9 to 12
-Gryphon Rider now has small armor
-Harasser attacks now piercing
-Rifleman hit points increased to 624 to 725
-Barracks build time increased to 30 seconds
-Mage Sanctum hit points decreased from 1550 to 1450, build time increased from 25 to 35, lumber cost

increaased to 120 from 80
-Animal War Training hit point bonus decreased from 125 to 100
-Retribution Wagon Structure mana point bonus increased from 25 to 75, hit point bonus removed
-Resurgence replaced with Soul Imitation
-3rd tower upgrade for Scout Tower added: Field Generator
-Scout Tower defense based reduced from 7 to 5
-Human Transport Ship replaced with Hopper
-Human cargo capacity reduced to 6 from 8
-Lancer replaced with Argonaut (Shallow water restricts submerged Argonauts)
-Pressure mine max damage AOE lowered from 400 to 150
-Barrage now allows attack on ground and air units, damage increased from 32 to 42

-Pummel now only stuns units in an area
-Derelict damage reduced from 24 to 15
-Lost workers no longer have permanent invisibility
-Metasis now has a second level, Monstrosities last 60/12 seconds
-Lost gold intake reduced from 9 to 8 per second
-Oppressor armor reduced from 5 to 3, defense type set to Small from Medium, max HP reduced from 950 to 670
-Derelict now has small armor
-Oppressor main attack now Piercing
-Siphon Matrix is now unique cast
-Nightmare hit points reduced from 1100 to 875
-Shambler base damage reduced from 23 to 19
-Brute hit points reduced from 1400 to 1200
-Razor hit points reduced from 960 to 880
-Corrus hit points reduced from 875 to 575
-Conduit hit points reduced from 1500 to 750
-Stygian Bastille hit points reduced from 1100 to 800
-Abyss hit points reduced from 1400 to 900
-Aperture hit points decreased from 1100 to 950, mana regeneration decreased from 1.6 to 1.5
-Terminus hit points decreased from 1250 to 850
-Crux hit points reduced from 950 to 875
-Obsidian Moor hit points reducred from 1200 to 925
-Essense no longer gives kill credits for structures
-Terror level 2 duration reduced from 20 (tooltip listed 15) to 10
-Brute now takes 4 cargo space
-Dark Torture redone with "1000 Needles"
-Spinal Tap replaced with Spinal Sap
-Replaced Black Magic with Mince

-Removed Keg of Ale from item drop


-Afterburn now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Transport is no longer called as part of Assault

-Peasant build lists are no longer bugged after reverting from Militia
-Hopper is no longer called as part of Assault

-Pummel now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Fixed Surge description for Metasis
-Corrus description fixed
-"Must be placed on blight" sound fixed
-Palette now removes units that have insufficient mana from the unit selection. This was the only way to

maintain a spell book for proxy summoning.

-Hurl Boulder on Rock Golem now has correct hotkey
-Paradise Shoals correctly restricts Cannon Fodder

-Assault is now unique cast
-Further optimized how unused triggers are disabled

Cosmetic Changes:

-Voodoo Temple has new model courtesy of Retera
-Rig has new sound set
-Blaster has new sound set

-Footman has new sound set
-Footman has new icon
-Gnomish Inventor renamed Gnomish Factory
-Gnomish Factory has new sound set
-Church renamed to Monastery, new model/icon
-Defensive Field renamed to Defensive Ring
-Savant Mage assigned spell animations revised
-Harasser now has a missle pod

-Lost units now display correct tooltip when mousing over a selection in-game
-Tainted Fountain renamed to Tainted Eye, new model/icon

-Warrior has new sound set
-Updated Iron Enforcer icon


Nice to see another Warcraft 3 Mod here. :)

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Kam-Ghostseer Author

Battleships is a good map, it is under-played in my opinion.

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