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Hello everyone. Took me quite some time to write this update (last being in April). Personally, I changed the way I'm going to post news related to current projects. Anyway, let's get into the news!

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Hello everyone.
Took me quite some time to write this update (last being in April, about 8 months ago).
I changed the way I'm going to post news related to current projects, that being: When It's Ready.
Currently I'm enrolled in University, and sadly don't have that much time for internet, exams are annoying. Anyway, let's get into the news! Wait is over.

Weapons: Home-Made Grenade Launcher, New Pistol and More

Upon the works starting, my team invested some time on the style of current Expansion Pack. As with last team's plans, I wanted to introduce something fresh in this aging style of Zombie Mod. First up, I took in consideration adding some interesting weaponry, along with a gadget that suits perfectly into desperate times. Here comes the confirmed list of guns for Beyond the Limits Expansion. Some textures, sounds and animation might have changes until final release, but this list is what's coming for players.

AS Val

A-91 Carbine

(Previously featured in Alpha's. Brought back with new model and sounds)

(Featured in old Developer Builds. Reintroduced with new model and animations)


Homemade Grenade Launcher (HML)
(Replacement for M302 GL seen in Alpha)

Zombie Strike - New skins for Woodland Maps

Haven't really mentioned anything, but I kept this as a surprise for the update. Survivor team will feature 2 camouflages in Beyond the Limits Expansion. First up is the Woodland Camo, revealed today for public. The second one is kept secret for now, as works are still in progress for other maps. When the time comes, you will receive the update related to other parts of the release.

Alpha Specops Operative - Woodland Version

Alpha Tactical Operative - Woodland Version

Army Soldier - Woodland Version

Heavy Army Soldier - Woodland Version

Civilian - Woodland Version

Armored Civilian - Woodland Version

Mutants - The long waited antagonists.

Last, but not least: Mutants! The following team was in works for quite some time, and still is under construction. The reveal contains only 3 characters yet, more are going to be introduced, which I will cover in next update. As mentioned, these are Zombies which Evolved into something more. They are far more dangerous, and act more independently, compared to their normal counterparts. And yes, they also have weaponry. Kit skins also feature Woodland Camo, and the second variant will be added in other maps. Ready to greet them?

Mutated Alpha Zombie - Woodland Version

Evolved Law Force Zombie

Mutated Seal Zombie

Among the lines, my friends have opened a website! We will keep it updated as the time goes!
Here is a link you can check out:

Well, that wrap's it up for today. A lot of changes, updates and new content will be introduced to Project Zombie Strike 2014 with next expansion release. Mutants are still Work in Progress, and I still need to add more characters, some camouflage and adjust the kits. With next update, I plan to reveal upcoming maps for the release, which most of them are still work in progress. The map seen in this update is The Complex Scar, also an WIP prototype, used as testing grounds for gameplay features.
This was Betamaxx, see you next time.


Looks like an awesome update! Keep it up!

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Betamaxx Author

Thank you, more to come later :D

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I hope there's scary looking monster on this zombie mod with bunch of hp

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Betamaxx Author

Mutants are basically Zombies, but "war-torn" versions. Engine limits our team when related to skinning, mainly because we need new models. But at least, our artist plan is to make them even more brutal than new skins seen in V2.0 ReLive

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Oh nice, I will keep following your mod progress. :)

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Nice website, but update the footer (we are in 2019 now). Speaking about it, when will you be removing '2014' from the Mod's title?? XD I know you have addressed it somewhere else, just saying ... :P Keep the good work up, good Team.

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Betamaxx Author

Late reply, sorry for this. Thank you for feedback on the site, first time working on such serious matters. Would like to say that the mod will keep 2014 in it's name, mainly because we had a Project Zombie Strike before. This is the "sequel" style, also focused solely on 2014 year. We have a surprise to reveal soon related to that :)

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What surprise? :P Can we have some video footage of the latest version of the mod? Perhaps ask to Chris from Chris T | Gaming Zone to review your new content and make a video of it? :)

I really wanna see how the zombies behave ... the one thing that I hate in zombie mods are the zombies stopping in front of you and not being scary at all (scary = you are scared of them because they can actually KILL you if you don't pay attention; instead of stopping in front of you, waiting to get killed, for example).

Thanks a lot!

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Betamaxx Author

There will be no gameplay, everything in debug builds are NDA and I won't allow any footage of it. I have received several requests to have this mod recorded, but most of the time people will call it as final product and just skip the release entirely. Zombies are going to be changed with future patches, since the system was entirely made by older Zombie Strike team. I need to reverse engineer their stuff to fix that situation.

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