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Version 0.3 released, featuring Romanians, Belgians, Dutch, new siege features, bug fixes, code optimization, and ballance changes.

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Featuring new city scenes, new campaign features, the Romanians, Belgians, and Dutch! (and much more)

Welcome to Between Empire's third release.
Note that in this version, only 21 factions have finished troops, and some factions are still using placeholder Russian artillerymen. This is intentional.
Have fun!

Between Empires v0.3


In battle:

U – Opens the aerial view

While in aerial view:

Q and E – Turns the camera (you will have to disable quest menu hotkey that is "Q" by default)

Shift and Space - Increases and decreases camera height respectively

~ (Tilde, button left of “1”) - Toggles the selected companies between running and marching

New feature information: Borders, wars, and front lines

Factions now require either direct land or costal region borders in order to declare war on another faction.
Cities and forts are only besiegable if one of the attackers cities has either:
-A fort of city adjacent to the region.
-The target city/fort is a costal region, and the attacking faction has a costal centre themselves.
If a city connects to another, and if its a costal region, can be viewed in any given city menu.

For example: France declares War on Germany at game start. Besieging Paris is not possible unless Germany conquers Metz and, then Reims first. Alternatively, Germany could attack Rouen, as Rouen is a costal centre, and then attack Paris afterwards.
This is done to avoid bordergore, and make defending a larger empires more manageable, and make wars in general more realistic.

Bug information: The costal designation had to be assigned manually, so please feel free to report any cities that you feel should/shouldnt be what they are in-game. Thanks!

Full Changelog:

Added Romanian, Dutch and Belgian troop trees.
Added possibility to change player faction's flag (in camp action menu).
AI factions will now declare wars on factions with which they don't have land border much less often.
AI and player won't be able to besiege centers that don't have border with their faction, with exception of coastal towns (to besiege them without land border with them, your faction needs to have at least one center with direct access to the sea).
Added access to prebattle menu from siege defence menu.
Decreased cannons limit (i. e. number of cannons that can spawn at the same time in one team) from 6 to 5.
Decreased proficiency points number for custom troops from 160 to 20 per tier.
Decreased player shooting accuracy by 15%.
Farmers now use muskets instead of revolvers.
Added scene for Turkish villages.
Bug fixes:
Code optimization - game start loading time is decreased by 90%, removed 5-10 seconds long freezes on the world map.
Fixed bug where Sweden troops didn't have weapons.
Fixed bug where some factions didn't research small arms changing technologies.
Fixed bug where bandits didn't appear during night ambush.
Fixed bugs of scene of breaking into town/castle after disguising.
Fixed bug where weapons that didn't appear by current year yet showed up in item selection menu for custom troops.
Fixed bug where some weapons didn't have shooting effects.
Fixed bug where custom troops names were lost once you exit the game load it with save file.
Fixed bug where soldiers got stuck in trenches in siege scene.
Fixed bug where factions had incorrect claims on others' territories (like Prussia having claim on Shiraz).
Fixed bug where some kingdom ladies had invisible bodies or hair.
Fixed bug where some lords had wrong age number (and thus had too big renown value).
Fixed bug where lords had fathers from other factions.
Fixed bugs where factions with finished troop trees still used Russian cannoneers.



Hot Update. Pretty fun but I think I'm doing it wrong since we move so slow in the field

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Muuundy Author

Check the tutorials, U key to access the aerial view, tilda to make them run

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