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Basically this is an update on the R&D I have been doing for the mod so far.

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So I have reached out to a number of folks working on wrappers and shader mods. It looks like thanks to ReShade and MasterEffect we will now be able to have MXAO in Thief 3! This will be available once the latest version of MasterEffect launches. This will make the game look incredible. So there is some news there. As far as POM; having tested a number of shaders and effects it seems the best possible effect with ReShade is one the uses the diffuse textures to approximate depth. The results of this are very ugly looking and not even remotely worth it. Marty who made MasterEffect spent weeks on this and had no luck. So my thoughts are that I can try to manually load the textures into ReShade as "Lut" or something of the sort to trick it into working, however I doubt that is a legitimate way of doing this.

Since I already have my own AO, Depth and Normal maps if figured instead I might do things the old school way and actually edit the Levels in the editor using heightmaps and mapping them onto the walls as if they are terrain. The results will not be the prettiest but since I am no modeler it will be the closest to real models I can get since actual geometry will be used. I think this will allow us to have beautiful roads and bricks etc

Hopefully once I am successful in this venture the mod will be complete pretty close to complete.

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