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Hello everyone. Player007 back with you in a new update for our modification.

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Hello everyone
Player007 back with you in a new update for our modification
I havent been here for a while,so lets start already!

1.Betrayal Complex is still a thing

After our leaving,we completely dropped the works on the DLC and Modification
Our leader Noobkiller2 left for some unknown reasons,and i must now take his place
I fixed the issues and made the game as stable as possible to continue adding new stuff
Sadly,progress is nearly none
Here you can take a glimpse at Airport Complex latest Beta and the new AK-101:

2.Vote Ended: Oman Escape coming to Betrayal Complex

Back in end of March,a vote was started for you to choose the 5th map for our 3rd DLC
Because of low ratings,the period of voting was extended for 2 weeks before quitting
As of our ended voting,4 votes were casted towards Oman Escape!
Looks like were going to have a comeback :D


Yes,this is like the 4th update that we comeback to our modification.
Personal lifes cant simply allow us to give the most for latest releases.
For now, im the only member of the team working over the Project Zombie Strike 2014 mod
I also have some other projects too,i cant really have time dedicated for modding.
My hopes are that you will stick with us even in these hard times :D

Thats it for this update i guess
Stay tuned for new stuff


That's strange, I didn't know that Noob left.

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*Pro*Player007 Author

He didnt left us for good
Just some problems with his life :\

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I have to record voicelines too i guess
Let me find a good place

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oh very sad that NoobKiller2 left, :( I hope everything will be fine for him.

Btw nice work man, if you need something let me know, I am not a good modder but may be I will be able to help you.

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*Pro*Player007 Author

Thanks a lot for support guys,this is really aprreciated :)

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