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New Map, Power-Up, and Star-Wars tacky goodness! oh, and fixes / changes.

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Hello everyone! Time for some brief information on the changes in Snowball Fight Version 1.1b, and a release for you all to download and play with, complete with some tacky Star-Wars lovin.

Lets get down to it.

Updated / Fixed
- Jetpack now has torch flames when the players is flying.
- Cloak only uncloaks if a player sprints, or commits to an attack.
- New cloak sound effects
- Levels compiled with HDR Lighting

Added / New
- Star Wars optional weapon theme that also changes gameplay with a deadly alt attack, the light saber attack.

2015 12 22 00002

- Sound effects for Star Wars themed weapon.
- New Power-Up Arc.

2015 12 22 00004

The Arc is the deadliest Power-Up in that when it is fully charged, can create a radial shock blast triggered when someone enters a proximity around you. This blast will kill everyone in the radius of the blast all at once. The Arc will be charged when your Auxiliary reaches max, and will stay charged until a blast is triggered, you pick up a different power-up, or you die.

- Lava recognition code ("$surfaceprop lava" harms, and launches player somewhat like Mario 64), animated lava bubbles model, light emitting lava texture, also found a great lava loop on

2015 12 22 00001

Here is a video demonstrating the news update information.

New map! It's not featured in the video because the map wasn't ready when I was recording (yesterday). I'm not even sure if it is completely ready now, but that's for you innocents to figure out.




This concludes this update. I hope you all have a merry Star-Wars, and a happy new Star-Wars! Gooood day. *fist out, drops mic.

Psykh3 - - 2 comments

hype is real

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Psykh3 - - 2 comments

this update is a massive improvement and I love the lightsaber, and i love the new walking sounds. At the moment the jetpack sound is a little harsh though. otherwise, awesome and i cant wait to see more :)

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