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1.1 Update to do list and what we have so far: This is a list that shows changes that we have planned for the next patch which will be in development soon, but as for the release date I can't say...

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Hey guys, I just wanted to post to inform everyone that we're now in the process of constructing a work list to release the first non beta version of the mod... I just want to make sure we have everything under the umbrella. We appreciate the feedback from your comments because that gives us an idea of what to fix or any recommendations or bug reports. So far this is what we have:

  • Complete remake of ZENITH2
  • Complete remake of ZENITHBoss1
  • Adjust Hover vehicle physics
  • Nerf ZENITH1Part3 Tunnelway fight / better flux
  • Remake of intro cutscene
  • Some cutscenes will be deleted
  • Default weapon re-script
  • Voice level adjustments
  • Fixes to reported bugs
  • Some market equation changes

Again, thank you for your help on bug reports, and if you have any more to report, I encourage you to post or e mail or :)

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