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Beta release of Half-Life: PC Edition mod [Mod for PS2].

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It's been a while sice the last update.

Most of that time I spent on finding out what was causing texture corruption and crashes. I tried out everything and I still can't determine source of the problem. I only found out that some models can cause semi-random crashes after recompilation. So I guess that it is the obstacle that I can't overcome in near future so for now I will release beta version of PC Edition mod. There would be two versions of that: full and stable.
- In full version all models are recompiled: it provides proper autoaim and model textures with more reasonable sizes. So performance is slightly better and there is less texture corruption but it crashes on loading screen every 2-3 chapters.
- Stable version has untouched monsters and weapons models so auto-aim is broken and texture corruption is more severe.

Beta release changes list:
- Finally found out what was breaking music on PS2 and fixed it.
- Erased little man sprite from HUD.
- New auto-aim lock sprite. I tried it to make it less annoying and to look like HL2 side bars.
- Fixed auto-aim on all monsters (full beta version only).
- Recompiled all models to downsample textures so they are have more reasonable sizes (full beta version only).
- Replaced first Hazard course map with converted from PC map (converted with BS2PC).
- Replaced ugly dithered skyboxes with a little bit less ugly non-dithered ones.

Comparison of dithered and non-dithered skebox textures.

- Created new models for health stations, hev chargers and retinal scanners so they look like ones in PC version.

New models for scanner and chargers.

- Created new save game pictures. New save pictures are mostly based on Half-life: Source chapter icons.


- Modified crosshairs so they should be more visible now.

New crosshairs.

Known issues:
- Crashes every 2-3 chapters on full version.
- Texture corruption (example on picture below).

Texture corruption examples.

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