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News on the new Beta 8 release which should be available for download shortly.

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Beta 8 Release

Titan of BraavosFacing off against the Free FolkAre those GIANTS???

Finally I present to you the Beta 8 version of A World of Ice and Fire. Lots of work has gone into this from not only myself but many others who have contributed or allowed OSP work to be included.

AWoIaF Beta 8

Heres the changelog in no particular order;

Fixed many face codes that was causing issues.
Fixed some problems with being unable to find some music files.
Re-enabled Horse Archery skill.
Modified stats of all bows/crossbows and arrows. Plus added a couple more.
If the player is of Ironborn descendant, he or his men wont loose moral whilst crossing the ocean. Unless of course you disgrace yourself by not having your own boat!
Changed boats for different factions and different party types.
Various sounds changed for boats.
Changed fort scenes, these should now show the correct terrain, depending where they are built.
Changed all random battle maps.
Various small changes made to moral. eg, you now get more moral for resting in towns rather than in camps.
You can now have 7 bodyguards in scenes with you. The same number as the Kingsguard.
Fixed companions overview problems.
Added luxury items when taking into account party moral.
Various work done on integrating cabas orders and moto's.
Added dynamic weather to more scenes, including meeting scenes and cleaned code.
Fixed the click and crash on bandits bug, plus a few other troops this happened to.
Fixed a bug which could occur very occasionally when selling prisoners to the nights watch.
Fixed a bug where Wandering Crows wouldnt traverse all the taverns in Westeros.
Changed sounds for Giants. Now they actually sound like giants.
Updated all coastal towns and sea routes/trade routes for these.
Unsullied dont cost any wages, but ive increased the amount to buy them.
Depending where the town or village is located, changes who will be attacking when infested by bandits.
Adjusted Riverlands to have less troops.
Various code fixes, improvements and optimizations.
Added a new skill - Navigation.
Upped all the skill level caps, mostly to 10 as in native.
It now costs 1/4 the amount to cross the ocean while renting a boat.
Changed all trade goods for every town/village - feedback welcome.
Various bugs fixed related to sea battles.
Adjustments made to party speed. If you are sneaking (ambush mode), your party will now move slower.
Improvements and extra balance added to Varies quest line. - This has been pretty much completely re-done and debugged.
Added new clothing for Essosi peasants and Braavosi troops.
Added 2x Valyrian faces.
Added special troop training at Dragonstone for Queens men.
Added special troop training at Kings Landing for Goldcloaks.
Added Renlys Rainbow Guard.
Added 8 more lords to The North.
Added 7 more lords to the Stormlands plus correct locations
Added 2 more lords to Dragonstone plus correct locations.
Added lots more lords to all other factions... lost count!
Added 57 Special npc's that accompany lords.
Added all ladies to different factions.
Added three cards game from AndyYa to a special troop in the crossroads inn.
Added new armours and horses by pino.
Fixed Custom Commander and hopefully the player dieing and disappearing.
Adjusted Thenn armours and stats.
Added 7 new male Dothraki armours thanks to La Grandmaster.
Added 4 new female Dothraki clothing thanks to La Grandmaster.
As requested ive changed the way killing lords work.
Changed Reputation back to Honour.
Correctly changed Harma Dogshead to be female.
Changed all random events when you are King/Queen to be correct according to lore.
Made adjustments to sieges, hopefully religious troops are more likely to stay back rather than charge the walls - feedback welcome.
Removed Talisa Stark for the sake of correct lore.
Re-written some more events.
Fixed issues with lord companions being doubled when still imprisoned.
Added currently remade flags and given them to the correct lords. Also removed all the old Brytenwalda flags and any others that had sneaked in.
Removed any unnecessary textures and meshes.
Fixed the broken AI formations.
Made adjustments to some items and bugs associated with these.
Changed many face codes.
Added visitable Citadel to Oldtown.
A few fixes to dialogues and some other bits i came across.
Changed around 40 scenes to be more correct with the location/lore.
Slightly adjusted the starting character gear.
Added some OSP resources from CWE.
Added new spears, removed some old ones. Changed lengths and stats of others. Changed spears with different troops.
Added polished buildings and start optimising where possible.
Added/Removed lots of horses/camels. Changed all troops horse items. Changed some horse stats. Changed horse regions.
Added new female face meshes/textures.
Adjusted all faction cultures for town/village walkers.
Bug fixing to various scenes.
Fixes/changes made to the Northern Clansmen. They will now be less like bandit parties and more allied to The North.
Fixed problems with Northern Clansmen camps not always showing.
Changed the names of some helmets.
Changed Gregor to be a little smaller.
Fixed playing 2x music at the Crossroads Inn.
Laid down the groundwork for special location parties on the map, plus added a couple to start.
Fixed peter still being a prisoner in some cases when completing part of Varys quest line.
Adjusted loot. Camps and pirates will now carry more loot. Other parties may carry less.
Added Slavers camps.
Gave Dragonstone troops Dragonstone helmets.
Adjusted trade goods for dragonstone and the stormlands.
increased the usage of helmets for all troops.
Gave boots to Targ lords.
Increased the number of reinforcement waves in all battles from 2 to 15. Ive also increased the limit at which reinforcements will arrive.
Adjusted Thenn scene.
Adjusted Crasters Keep scene.
Adjusted Pyke scene.
Kings Landing will now only be considered to be granted to lords with the highest renown.
Fixed height of characters being incorrect when choosing 'people' in character creation.
Adjusted The Twins scene - added ladders for siege and extra AI mesh.
Added AI mesh to Banefort.
Adjusted Volantis scene and fixed the no reinforcement bug in sieges.
Fixed incorrect factions in the check lords by known relations menu.
Adjusted/fixed Winterfell scene.
Fixed issue with giants having the wrong body.
Faction specific villages should now have the correct village defenders according to the villagers in the village.
Fixed any incorrect village icons.
Theres now no women walking round the Nights Watch castles or towns. ie Castle Black or The Wall.
Gave Mance boots.
Fixed loads of family relation bugs.
Fixed red text concerning guardians etc when entering some great halls.
Added Map icons made by Bloc.
Added the Wall scene made by Gokiller.
Added la grandmaster's wind effects and integrated it into the weather system.
Added The Achemists Guild.
Added Wildfire.
Fixed some reported typos.
Added Hallyne + dialogue and a way to purchase Wildfire.
Updated Westerland lords armours.
Updated some ladies ages thanks to KingWarhammer96
Adjusted/fixed Evenfall Hall scene
Changed scene for Harrenhal
Fixed issue with claw isle
Made some changes to the campaign map
Added/removed some weapons/armours.
Any scenes around the Neck will now have muddy water.
Removed peasants from most Lords armies.
Fixed/adjusted many textures shaders, meshes.
Updated some armours to have a feminized frame.
Changed some text/dialogue to read better.
Change/improve Westerosi emblem tableau
Improve notes structure.
Improve menus structure and text.
Moved Injuries and religion from camp menu into character report menu.
Gave all Riverland Lords headwear.
Adjusted/fixed lots of troops with missing items etc.
Buffed Faceless Men.
Added Faceless men to Braavos City barracks.
Fixed a bug where the player couldn't get injured if he was on his own.
You can now get healed by any Maester in exchange for a few stags.
Fixed some faulty dialogues.
Lengthened the time it takes to heal to balance the new maester ability.
Fixed bug where you would always end up at Braavos after escaping at sea.
Added The Wild Hares as a roaming hireable company.
Added some secret locations.
Added some unique battle maps.
Created LOD's for everything that needed them.
Fixed bug with hiring certain lords parties at castles costing nothing. Plus a few other bugs relating to these.
If you have high renown then Maesters will heal you for cheaper.
Added more Maesters.
Increased starting garrison of Goldcloaks in Kings Landing.
Flora and environment textures overhauled.
Added The Eyrie great hall made by Bloc.
Various fixes made to Freelancer.
Many many many other bugs fixed and other changes made.

I will go over the various new improvements in due time or you can visit my forums which contains a lot of info.

A big thanks to all those that helped bug test the dev versions and all who have given donations towards the mod. Ihave an AMA on reddit this week end coming if anyone has any questions for me.


"Gave Mance boots." XD
And BTW this realy is becoming more enjoyable with every patch. Thanks, you made a couple of my days better! Great job!
Growing Strong!

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I'll give it a try! :D

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Hi, I am really looking forward to this mod, however when I download it from , than unzip it and put it in my warband modules folder, once I go to open it from the warband screen (like every other mod with the little drop down menu) I run into a problem.

The mod loads, than gets to the title screen, and its a blank background. The widling in the snow is their, and the title, but everything else is missing. The Options tab, Credits, Start New Game, Load Game etc are all missing.

I do get a message in red in the lower left corner saying unable to locate or invalid (it goes off screen pretty quick) options_tab , start new game tab etc.

I have warband 1.168 and didn't have this problem with the previous download of this mod (0,6 or 0,7).

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same problem

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found the answer on the forum thanks to produno

You need to delete font data in your mods data folder.


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I did, didn't work, still wildling background and no start new game etc options on the menu page...

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is this an multiplayer only mod? O3o

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produno Author

No, single player.

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Its a great mod really enjoy it, I think the previous ironborn armor looked more accurate and the faction colors are ugly, the ironborn mushy green,the riverlands yellowish brown,the north grey,dragonstone yellow,the reach blue.

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So far, it's just really frustrating.
All bandits are super strong and it takes ages to get troops yourself. As soon as you have a small party (like 10 troops), even bandit parties of 20 are faster than you and they slaughter you completely.

My current playstyle is just roaming around the map, saving every 20 seconds if I don't encounter any bandits. If I encounter bandits I have to load right away.

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Why don't you just up your pathfinding when creating the character? Have you tried it, actually?

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produno Author

Good advice :)

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I am very confused about how my comment ended up here. I have never even played this mod, this was supposed to be feedback for L'Aigle.

.. I have no clue what happened or what I was thinking.

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Then it's definitely time to try this mod, pal. Lay down your musket and join the Night's Watch. :-)

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I'm having a small problem, i cant seem to join the free folks. not sure if im doing it wrong? I've killed several ranger patrols AND night watch armies and gotten their armour without the ability to give them to mance?
I've also noticed that accepting the "quest" pretty much infinitely is possible.
Any help on what i'm doing wrong?

PS: This is on a fresh install.

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Best join our forum and post your problem there. The chances are higher you'll get an answer there.

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Have you fixed the Faircastle bug where enemy forces spawn in the trees where you can't kill them?

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This is great but the game somehow empties out my party when I get killed while enlisted in Tywin Lannister's army. Then loading that save cripples the game.

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What is the use of wildfire? is it just a throwing weapon?

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