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Finally I managed to release this new patch containing the Soviet Union faction. This patch also contains 5 tutorial maps explaining the general rules of Battlefield mode and the main features of each playable faction.

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This patch contains the Soviet Union faction and 5 tutorial maps, very useful for beginners. The Soviet Union features two unique traits: modernizaiton and leader units.
Modernization is used to improve existing units: Soviet Union basic units can be modernize to improve their efficiency. Each category (infantry, vehicles and artillery) has 2 levels of modernization. When you activate the modernization the unit of the lower level of modernization will be replaced by a better one as long as the modernization is active. For example if you activate modernizaiton 2 for tanks, the T-34/76 mod. 1941 will be replaced by the T-34/85.
Leader units are special units which, under ceratain conditions, unlock Leader Abilities. Leader Abilities are accessible through the reinforcement menu and does not cost point. For example if you call in a T-34 Command Tank (available with the Tank Guard Support Command) and you are close enough to an allied disabled tank, it will unlock an ability to replace the armored losses for free.

As you might have already noticed, I've added 5 tutorial maps. Since I was very busy and I didn't want to delay the release of the new patch any further, I wasn't able to test them all scrupulously, so even if you've already played this mod I ask you to test the tutorial maps in order to improve them. Basically I need you to check the following points:

  • Bugs
  • General understanding of the game mechanics
  • Efficiency of the instructions given in the tutorial maps.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.For the same reasons please excuse me if you find any bugs in the battlefield maps, There shouldn't be any but if you find something (such as missing defense units, AI not starting, etc.) let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible.


waw nice and awesum :D

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Hi, a bug I've noticed is that when you are reinforcing with a new unit and rally it to a point, it doesn't actually rally to that position, but sometimes a random location.

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BlackCaesar Author

It is known, when you order a reinforcements you set a rally point to that localtion, so every reinforcement will go there. This is made for map editing purpose, because otherwise i would require a different waypoint for each reinforcement, and setting up a map would require a lot of time. Now in 30 minutes you can have a fully working map. My plan was to make a sandbox with which you could set up a custom scenario in a very short time, so I opted for this solution.

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