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Minor update to fix some pressing issues concerning the current version.

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Beta 1.11 released.

I have prepared 2 downloads:

1) A small Hotfix to upgrade your existing 1.1 Beta version to 1.11 Beta.

2) A re-packed full 1.11 version of the complete MOD if you still have not downloaded the 1.1 verison yet.

Changelog 1.11 beta:

+ Supply pool added to orbital trade posts (150). Not particularly important now in light of the fact that:

+ Scouts automatically regenerate supply. This seemed to fix a problem with scouts trying to jump but the -10 supply cost getting to them.

+ All broadside batteries have greatly reduced damage, but can damage multiple targets. This helps keep the "average" damage down, so that ships aren't inclined to prefer them, but still makes them effective against fighters, which is their main purpose. For the record: the ratio seems to be that if one bank of weapons does over 1.5 as much average damage as another, that bank will be preferred over others.

+ Squadron sizes reduced - Spartanians from 10 to 3, Valkyries from 12 to 4, and Gunboats from 8 to 4. Basically, reverting to the proportions of the original release. Partly to avoid lag, and partly to see how the new dynamic works. If you build four Alliance carrier squadrons you'll still be getting 180 fighters (three fighters x five squads per carrier x twelve carriers).

+ Range on broadside guns reduced from 4800 to 800. Fighter range reduced from 1200 to 200. Gunboat range remains constant at 600. (Each grid square is 5000 units.)

+ MIlitary research screen backdrop taken out. They'll be put back in, once we actually have research to put in there.

+ Edits to loading screen text, to make them more accurately reflect the chanes made.


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