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New version of the mod released today ! This overhaul should increase performance and avoid freezing during late game.

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BETA 1.1 released ! (see downloads)

By evilmaddy.

May 2010

This update is intended as 'performance booster'. It does not contain any new content yet like new research etc.

- The MOD has been upgraded to work with the latest SOASE and Entrenchment versions. Both have to be installed for the MOD to run properly.
- The mod is essentially an entrenchment MOD, you have to start entrenchment in order to play it, NOT Sins and NOT diplomacy/trinity.
- Several performance issues have been resolved. There should no longer be 'freezing' during late game. This was achieved by virtually re-writing the whole supply and ship's abilities mechanics.
- Fighter trails have been removed to additionally increase performance.
- The scouting mechanics have been revisited to avoid odd A.I. behavior and restrict the computer to systems 3 or 4 jumps away from their home systems.
- Several balancing issues have been revisited.
- The Music MOD has been abandoned. The music is now integrated in the actual mod to avoid confusion in on-line games. There is only one up-to-date version of the mod as of now. Several pieces of the original soundtrack have been exchanged for other, more fitting ones.
- Some minor improvements concerning the UI have been implemented.

Known issues:

- If you play in FULL HD mode the in-game stats window may be displaced to the far right corner of the screen. This is also an issue in the original Sins.
- Ships that are 'spawned' from built ships (e.g. lead destroyer) may not automatically join a fleet in system and have to be added manually.
- Building emitters depicting 'planetary ornamentations' have to be 'activated' once by hovering over the building's icon. If you want to see enemy
emitters you have to hover over the icons too (e.g. in the 3d view).
- Some ships may in some cases prefer to use their broadside batteries and not directly face the enemy with their bow. That is because the A.I. always chooses the best attack to use at a given time. At close ranges the broadside firepower is often the more powerful to rely on.
- Several minor graphical issues like missing buttons etc. They may not impair game-play but might be aesthetically unappealing to some people.
- Some of the Research windows are empty. They will be filled in future releases.


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