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Here is is folks, the cumulative changelog thru 9 alphas, and now presenting, the first beta! Visit the 'Downloads' section for the files!

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In the downloads section:

Changelog (does not include every single variable I changed or it would be too big and not pretty to look at, but I think I got a good run down on most of the changes here):
Beta 1


Most Visual and weapon ranges raised all around.
All cannon and laser based projectile speeds raised.
All Anti-Air will now target at long range as long as radar/line of sight is achieved.
Various tweaks to projectiles to make them more visually appealing with the new scale of some units
Various tweaks to projectile explosions to increase the 'what you see is what you get' feel.
Changed some boring unit names (mass convertors, artillery peices).
All Missle Launchers and Artillery given smarter targeting priorities.
Most torpedoes now do 750 damage, with rate of fire determining a unit's damage per second.
Some unit's or individual weapons have a minimum range, meaning they are vulnerable from fire by
units very close in.
Increased the beam length on all Tactical Missle Defenses.
Basic Economy Upgrades are generally cheaper and easier to get in the Research Tree.
All factions have new economic possibilities.

Assault Bots, Tanks, Mobile Artillery, and Mobile Missle Launchers are all a fraction of the
size/cost/buildtime/health etc that they used to be.
Added unlockable Support Command Unit (SCU) for each side (uses replacement model, hopefully just for now but I am not a modeller!).
Engineers, Field Engineers, and Shotjas get a small bubble shield when upgraded.

Fighters, Fighter-Bombers, and Gunships are all a fraction of the size/cost/buildtime/health etc that they used to be.
Bomber and Fighter-Bomber bombs no longer track targets; ground firing is recommended.
Most air units will now land when idle over valid terrain (_flat_ land only, not water).
All the gunships base speed is now 8 (from 6).
Air units now fly at different altitudes: gunships and transports in low, fighters and experimentals in
the middle, bombers up high.
Basic Transports get a bubble shield when upgraded.
Basic Transports weapon capabilities increased.

Naval has been switched up so that different units have different recon abilities, (ie, no longer can
you just spam subs, you will probably need a Cruiser to give you sonar once you are outside of
structure sonar range).

Point Defense now build very slowly, but are very deadly when deployed properly.
Mass conversion now converts 3000 energy to 200 mass (from 2500:250).
All Nuke Silos are now less expensive (comparable to Aeon TML launcher), but nukes are more
expensive (2500m:10000e).
Nuke Silo Tactical Missle Launchers are now longer range (combine with artillery to crack shields and
snipe shield generators).
Radar Station cost increased to 205 (from 80).
Research Station cost increased to 400 mass from 375.
All factions now have seperate subtle visual tweaks to their Nuke Silo Nukes.
Nukes are now way more deadly.
Increased Range of anti-nukes by 50% (50 to 75, nuke radius is 100 on the farthest outskirts).
Boomerang not changed due to devestation upon success.

Overcharge customized for each faction.
Overcharge energy cost from 2000 to 5000 (but also more deadly).
All research now costs one RP more, with the exception of Training.

Pushed back the minor experimentals from average 13 rp to average 17-20 rp by swapping them with
other technologies that will upgrade small land units first.
Many, many addtions and new paths, screenshots available on ModDB website.


Loyalist Assault Bots can now repair (manual orders only, no auto-repair yet).
Increased Energy cost of Bomb Bouncer's manual charge to 1000 energy (from 500 I think).
-Bubble Shield when upgraded.
-Light Pulse Laser replaced with Heavy Pulse Laser.
-Main cannon now does alot of front-loaded area damage from long range, has a minimum range
-Lasers kick in at shorter range, have less area damage, but do have high amounts of damage
delivered consistantly.
Bomb Bouncer speed increaded to 4.5 to account for greater weapon ranges on smaller units.
-Changed bombs to damage over time so any units that chase him or fill the void made by his pushing
thru get hurt.
-Tactical Missles are now more long range, do more damage.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.
Added Regen 2 Upgrade.
Added Rate Of Fire 2 Upgrade.
Added 'Ivan' Support Command Unit:
-Comes with AA and EMP with it's death nuke.
-Recieves rate-of-fire/jump-jets/shield/heal-rate etc upgrades from land tree

Renegade can now carry one basic land unit (Assault Bots, Tanks, Mobile Artillery, and Mobile Missle
-now produces more flares.
-Gets a bubble shield when upgraded.
Basic Transport gets a bubble shield when upgraded.
Giant Transport can fire on submarines.
Added Stealth Bomber Unit Unlock.
Added Air Agility 2 Upgrade.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.
Rate of Fire upgrade now affects all minor air units instead of just the gunship.

LEGS upgrade also unlocks a land based naval factory to produce legged naval ships on land.
Added Trident Class Frigate (destroyer escort with shield, sonar, anti-submarine depth charges)
Swapped a few projectiles amoungst units.
Kraken now has a bubble shield, and a speed increase.
Added Naval Rate Of Fire Upgrade

Added Point Defense and Anti-Air Overdrive, an unlockable ability that when triggered for 1000
energy increases range and rate of fire of the selected tower.
Increased Magnetron push and pull abilities cost to 1000 energy (from 500 I think).
Increased Magnetron push and pull abilities cooldown to 60 seconds (from 30).
Decreased Magnetron push and pull abilities duration to 15 seconds (from 20).
Protobrain's Gunship can now target air units.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.
Energy Generator:
-Cost to 80 (from 70). This means it is 20% less effecient to build pgens for mass conversion than it is
to build mass extractors.
-Built in Mass Convertor from the start of the game (***no research needed***).
-Has a shield.
-More volatile upon destruction.
Research Stations also act as Stealth Field Generators (range 16, ring added but may not be
Mass Convertor is now a Mass Fabricator (now same size as a mass extractor, base cost 220m:2200e,
requires no input).

Nanobot now deals damage differently to be more how it looks; only does 2 pulses of high damage
instead of 20 some odd small ones.
Missle Launcher is now a fast firing barrage.
Overcharge now extends range for duration, and gets most of it's damage boosted through a hugely
increased rate of fire.

BodaBoom now recieves a bubble shield upon upgrading other land units with shields.
Increased the speed of Rouge Nanites to account for longer weapon ranges.
Urchinow now has longer ranged artillery, a big gun with area damage, and small guns for in close
Wilfindja now has a bubble shield.
Airnomo now does Area Damage Over Time.
The Colossus' claw guns will now suck in small sized air units.
The Pulinsmash range and rate of suckage increased by 10%. It should now also suck in transports.
Added 'Minnemee' Support Command Unit, which omes with Nanites, and can be upgraded with teleport
etc from land tree.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.
Added Decrease Build Cost 2 Upgrade.
Changed Shield Tech from 5rp to 8rp.

Efficiency of flares decreased per plane to account for increased production numbers.
Darkenoid now builds faster (120 seconds from 190).
Darkenoid lasers now target air units also.
Sooprizor can now teleport.
Added Skaiismine Fighter.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Added Mass Extractor Overdrive, available at the beginning of the game.
Research stations now start with a bubble shield.
Buhbledow now acts as a Tactical Missle Barrage Launcher in addition to having an EMP.
Additional Buildings can now be built on water with the Quantum Floating Upgrade.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.
Quantum sponge upgrade 3 rp->1rp.
Energy Income 5rp->3rp.
Mass Income 7rp->5rp.
Quantum Sponge now turns 5% instead of 1.25% of damage taken into energy.

Overcharge increases range, and now accounts for extra damage by increased rate of fire and adding
damage over time.
Added Mass Income 2 Upgrade.
Added Research Income Upgrade.

Added Afterburner to Engineer.
Added Jump Jets to the Titan.
Fatboy battleship cannon has long range, cruiser cannons kick in at closer range. Both have minimum
ranges also (battelship longer minimum range).
Added 'Junior' Support Command Unit.
-comes with jump jets and hunker.
-heals 20% faster than an ACU.
-gets range/damage/shield upgrades from land tree.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.

Added Lynx Anti-Air Light Bomber, a light bomber with short ranged anti-air capabilities. Not a true
fighter bomber though, as it is slower, but can shoot behind itself.
Added Afterburner Upgrade to Fighters, comes after Build Time decrease for 5 RP.
Added Eagle Eye Rate of Fire Upgrade, to allow for less time between bombing runs.
Bombers now drop multiple bombs.
Increased Bomb Camera Duration to make it more useful (from 20 seconds to 30 seconds at default,
from 40 seconds to 60 seconds when upgraded).

Reduced number of missles per Mastadon volley from 6 to 4, with assosicated DPS loss.
Super Triton now has a shield, and it's large cannons do damage over time.
Added Naval Increased Veterency Upgrade.

Getting the Research Income Upgrade unlocks the Overdrive Ability on Research Stations.
Harden Artillery Cooldown to 60 seconds.
Hardened Artillery can now target air units.
Can convert Research to mass with research converter (1RP to 100 mass).
All non-Mobile shields can now be recharged.
Added 25% health to Point Defense.
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.
Energy Income Upgrade 4rp->2rp.
Mass Income 7rp->5rp.
Added Radar Range 2 Upgrade.
Added Radar Installation Vision Enhancement, increasing vision radius by 500% for 5rp.
Quantum Atrillery now has near perfect accuracy, and huge amounts of splash damage, but super slow
rate of fire. It also gives vision for 7 seconds.
Added Damage Increase Upgrade

Added Tactical Nuclear Missle Launcher in leui of a regular TML.
Overcharge accounts for extra damage strictly through extra splash damage and more damage per
Changed and added many prerequisites on the research tree to make things more accessable.


Hi good job,can you show some gameplay with new changes(video)?

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HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Author

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HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Author

Ya a few new videos for Beta 1 is in the works.

One similar to the video already found in the Video section, one to highlight a few key differences between vanilla and the mod, and one that shows a complete game start to finish through spectator view.

In the meantime feel free to enjoy the video that is in the Video section, the new ones should be a few days to one week away.

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