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Patch 0.155 is coming soon. A patch that focuses on balancing and bug fixing Dunland and the other factions as well as adding some new game modes.

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Beta 0.155 Coming soon

Beta 0.155 is a balance patch focusing on addressing some issues with Dunland and the other 5 factions.
It will also add some new features and change up things a bit before going into Beta 0.2 with Rivendell.

Dunland 2.0 Part 1

Dunland is naturally the main focus of this upcoming patch with quite a few changes and fixes already in store.
Beta 0.155 is the first half of a update to the Dunland faction.
Coming with Beta 0.2 is a new hero and 2 new units rounding out the faction with some late game options.
Beta 0.155 however focuses on what's already there.
Dunlending Javeloteers will gain Fire tipped javelots allowing them to deal additional fire damage making them more useful.
The heroes have had their costs, healths and armour adjusted after some playtesting so there will a more balanced Dunland.
Hillmen will be buildable from the external Dunland Farms once the Dunland Raids Faction Upgrade has been purchased and the Farm is at level 3 they will also reap the benefits of the Gather the Clans spell allowing Dunland more flexibility and defence against Cavalry.
Dunland's buildings are also having more work done with more visual upgrades for the 5 levels and a few improvements to the overall look of the faction's buildings.

Rohan Updated

Rohan are also getting a bit of attention this time around with some changes to heroes, units and spells.
The Defenders of the Westfold and Eastfold spells have been replaced with Shroud and Helm.
Helm has been moved up to tier 2 and improved accordingly, replacing Helm's old spot is a new spell Horn of Edoras which grants +150% damage for targeted allies for a short time.

With the removal of the 2 spells also comes a few changes for the heroes and units they unlock.
The Westfold Hall can now be built from the start as can Elfhelm and Grimbold.
The Eastfold Yeomen are now unlocked from the Archery Range at level 2 and the Eastfold Lancers from the Stables at level 3.

Theoden's Valour of the Rohirrim channel spell has been replaced with Royal Guards of Edoras a summon skill for level 10 that summons 3 hordes of Royal Guards for a time.
The Rohan Hall also gets a new unit in the Edoras Spearmen giving Rohan a proper anti cavalry unit whereas the Westfold Shieldmen were more of a defensive unit.


I've also had a look at various units and heroes for balancing.
Tough heroes like Borgo and Boromir have had their defences toned down a bit, various Heroes now do the correct damage type and various heroes have had their damages reduced or adjusted.
Elite units like the Door Wardens and Amroth Vanguards now deal HERO type damage making them better against structures and heroes as well as other units so they truly are elites now.

Game modes and Launcher update

3 new Game Modes have been added to the launcher for Patch 0.155.
The first is the No heroes feature which removes all heroes except the summon ones.

The second is called Gollum Wars which removes all heroes except summons and gives each faction 5 Gollums to fight with.

Finally the weirdest one yet Gollzilla.
Replacing the final spell for all factions is a new giant version of Gollum called Gollzilla.
So now you can fight with massive Gollums as I'm sure you've always wanted to.

Finally the launcher will be getting upgraded and simplified.
You'll no longer have to set the OS mode and game directories the launcher will find them itself.
There will be fewer menus with launcher with pretty much just the main one and the Game mode feature is getting built into the main menu of the launcher.
The launcher will even check to make sure you've installed patch 1.03 before running.


pkyrkos7 - - 560 comments

Dat Gollum...!

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,120 comments

Haha Gollzilla! Love that

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Argeomer - - 5,582 comments

One thing... are the ingame mods still operational? I putted the hobbits in game mods but it doesnt play the please!

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Radspakr Author
Radspakr - - 1,926 comments

I updated most of them for 0.15 so they should but haven't tested them.

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Argeomer - - 5,582 comments

ok...when you test them please inform me if are all operational :D

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