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Hey! We are exited to show you all the progress we have made so far on our game!

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Hey, here is Vaca Brava (which translates to Wild Cow) and here are very exited to show you all the progress we've made from the last weeks!

So far, we have implemented most of the mechanics (although we are working on polishing them).

We have already implemented some 3D models and finishing the UV mapping on the rest, textures are on the way! They look very cool :)

(click the images if you want to see them in full res!)

Here we can see some camera moving action and the player walking,

2022 05 26 15 48 02

Here are some of the materials we have been working on,

2022 05 26 15 49 26

The custom Clay Shader we have made to look like the character is moving so he pops a bit more!

2022 05 26 15 53 37

Some more camera moving action and a transition to a mini game we are working on (can't tell you just yet)

2022 05 26 15 55 07

Devlog 2 was so much fun to put together, if you want to see anything in particular message us trough our social media!




Thank you so much for your time! See you soon <3

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