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Hey! We are Vaca Brava and want to share with you our little game that we are super happy about!

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Howdy there, we are a Portuguese Indie Studio named Vaca Brava (which translates to Wild Cow) and we want to show you and share with you our development process in the game Bento: A Grandpa's Tale, in this Devlog we wanted to show you all the research and the concept we made! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Before we can actually show you something we would like you to know that Bento: A Grandpa's Tale is a narrative driven 3D, Point and Click, based on a True Story, where you play as a farmer.

We took inspirations from Lieve Oma (Florean Veltman 2016), A Short Hike (Adam Robinson-Yu, 2021), Laura (Polyweld, 2021), The Stillness Of The Wind (Lambic Studios, 2019).

(click the images if you want to see them in full res!)

We follow with some images from our reference gathering sessions.

2022 05 26 16 54 05

2022 05 26 16 55 36

2022 05 26 16 55 59

2022 05 26 16 56 53

We will show you some moodboards that we made. In the image below, we were trying to convey the mood and a feeling of warmth which we are trying to implement in the game.

2022 05 26 16 57 35

2022 05 26 16 58 35

Okay so ear me out (what a nice pun, you're reading something, not earing), in the middle of all these concepts and images, we thought that it would be an amazing idea to have a distinct look from what we were initially planning.

2022 05 26 17 00 08

In this last image, we were making concepts for the characters, the Olivias (the cute cows) and the game itself. We even made real clay models which later we used for reference to make the 3D models!

Devlog 1 was fun to make and to revisit all the work we have done. We hope you are as exited as we are to share our work with you! You can ask us anything through our social media!




Thank you so much for your time! See you soon <3

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